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Are you wondering how to make the most out of this year’s magical Summer Solstice and carry it forward?

It is a magical time of the year, that one day out of 365 where universe gifts us with energy that is MAGICAL FOR ROMANCE. Although we get many gifts throughout the year for love, when it comes to romance in the summer, the Summer Solstice is the one day where your wish is literally your command in love. And this year, the 2014 Summer Solstice promises to be steamier than ever. And this holds true whether you are single or attached! So although this will be occurring during the Cardinal zodiac sign of Cancer, as always, all zodiac signs will be able to use this energy. But each zodiac sign will use it a little differently. Prepare to crank on the love vibes with these love horoscopes for the Summer Solstice 2014 that will peak in energy right through to June 22.


This is cardinal energy Aries, and so this energy will work very well for you. Your best bet to make the most of this year’s Summer Solstice is to try something new. Anything original in love my dear is going to get you very far. A dance lesson, a cooking class, or a road trip to a place that you’ve been thinking about for a while. You can do this whether you are single or attached. If you are single, these tips may help you meet someone new. Attached? A road trip or a sexy cooking class together will help you both remember how much fun you enjoy having together.


You definitely love your senses, Taurus, and this year’s Summer Solstice is certainly going to tickle those sensual sensibilities of yours. Physical attraction is going to be at an all time high for you, whether you are single or attached. Your mission is to put aside your standard conventions and general responsible nature and get your hands, and your feet, and anything else that you want, as dirty as possible. Whoever catches your eye, let them know! If it’s your partner or the one you want to become your partner, you have all of the energy at your disposal to make that love connection happen as steamy as you want it to be.


Sometimes Gemini your flirting ways have a tendency to get you in trouble. That won’t be the case during the Summer Solstice 2014 though. This time around you can flirt to your heart’s content. Just be sure that you are keeping in check with your lover about your true intentions. They will accept your truth Gemini, you won’t need to play games with this one. So just be honest about your end game, and you will be able to get whatever you want. Careful about hurting people, there is some karma in play during the Solstice that will haunt you in 3 to 6 months if you are not careful. On the upside, that karma is going to be super juicy if you play your cards right now. Do enjoy, Gem!


You are going to feel this Solstice energy fairly intensely, as the Moon rules you and so do your emotions. Your nurturing ways will come in very handy, and the more love you give to those around you, the more you will receive in return. Your biggest weakness is that you don’t take time for yourself. So your mission, whether you are single or attached, is to bring out your inner diva during Summer Solstice. Put on some bling, get a new hair color, whatever makes you feel great. When you nurture you for a change, you will find the universe sending you some pretty spectacular Solstice love prizes in return.


You generally love the spotlight and all of the attention, Leo, and in love you often demand it. But this time around, the Summer Solstice asks that you turn the tables for a change. Whether you are single or attached, doting on your romantic interest and letting them know they are the spotlight of your life, the Sun that rules your world, will get you very far in love. Stay busy with a partner if you have one, and stay busy in your social circle if you don’t. Connections will be very easy under this energy for you Leo, you never have a problem catching people’s attention. But you still must put the other person first to get far in love this time of year. Usually around you, flattery gets your partners everywhere. This time, you must pile on the compliments Leo. And if you do, you will certainly enjoy the rewards from your grateful recipient.


Your need for perfection, order, and structure, could impede with your romantic desires under the Summer Solstice. So your mission, Virgo, will be to try and let that go, and let this energy sweep you away a little bit. Step outside of your comfy box, Virgo, whether you are single or attached, and let yourself be romanced. You can do that yourself by launching romantic experiences on your partner, or hanging out with those friends of yours that like to stay up late. Indulging will get you everywhere under the Summer Solstice, Virgo. So, stay up late, sleep in, try new foods, friends, and places, and you will see an entirely new world in love open up very soon.


Your natural ease and harmony with others, Libra, will come in handy under the 2014 Summer Solstice if you are looking for some love vibes. You are naturally charming and gracious and this is going to take you into all of the right places when it comes to love. Travel this summer will bode well for you if you are looking for love or need a reboot with a primary partner. As well a girls trip if you are single and just want a fresh outlook on life will send some sexy surprises your way as well, Libra. Think exotic and different, and travel somewhere that is going to tickle the Venus in you. If you are looking to attract some sexy moments, pile on the bling and the sparkle will catch someone’s eye.

Veronika Prielozna, MA https://veronikaprielozna.selz.com/ in mid summer time

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