Be Aware  – MERCURY RETROGRADES could bring miscommunication and delays into our lives.


You might wonder how all just slow down? MERCURY, the planet of communication, travel, journeys, and messages moved into the slow lane might have something to do with this delay (June 7 – July 1). As we live in the information age, you can also expect this to affect your information gadgets as well. The usual rules of thumb for every Mercury Retrograde period will apply; don’t get into too many contracts, double-check every travel detail and arrangement, and put off major purchases at least until the beginning of July.

Also remember that Mercury rules the intellect and your way of thinking, so be very aware of how clear your mind is during this period, and always follow that instinct. This particular Mercury Retrograde is going to start in Cancer and end in Gemini, so these two signs will be the most affected, but as will the other Water and Air Signs. But all Earthlings are going to feel this unbalance. How will your individual sign be impacted, and how can you hang in there? Let’s have a look.


Your family is going to be the key issue during this Mercury Retrograde. So if any confusion crops up in the way of communication, travel plans, or messages, it will occur on the home front. After June 17 you will feel like you are done with it and want to move forward, but it will feel like for every two steps forward you take you are taking one step back. Keep pressing forward, you are making progress on key issues, even if you are not going as quickly as you like. Don’t put your Aries energy into it, this is more a time for patience and understanding on your part. If you can swing that, by July 1, all of the plans you want will be very easy to put into motion in true Aries style.


As an Earth Sign you are one of the most dependable when it comes to miscommunications and delays. You just roll with it, and so too must you during this period, particularly those first two weeks of June. You may not feel as grounded as you normally do, burn off any excess energy in the garden. If someone inspires our bull-headed nature, head to the flower bed and work it out before you answer their question or respond to their words. Later in June you will be working some magic with your financing and your best bet is to postpone any major decisions until early July. If you try to push them through before that, you may find that communication over these decisions will leave you feeling like you are beating your head against the wall.


Finances are going to be your biggest concern over this Mercury Retrograde period, but by the 17th you will feel this crunch ease up. You will also feel more sharp minded than you have been of late making it a little bit easier for you to handle those decisions. You also are not favored to put any big ideas into motion until the first of July, as you don’t have all of the information you need to make the best decisions. Your intentions may need a reality check as well, and you want to be very careful about underhanded dealings during a retrograde period. When Mercury turns direct in July these underhanded dealings will come back to haunt you otherwise. Be patient, it will pay off.


You are going to experience emotional delays when it comes to this Mercury Retrograde. You want what you want when you want it and for you it will all come down to family. Work on what you need to work on when it comes to keeping the home front emotionally stable and secure, and you will find the rest falls into place. This is especially important the first part of June, after which you will find some respite and relief comes your way. After the 17th you will find that you feel a little reclusive, and if this is where your instinct is leading you, follow it. Your subconscious mind is in high gear right now, so the psychic impulses you get, especially when it comes to your past, are right en pointe at this time of year. Follow those hunches and you will be pleasantly surprised.


Leo, for you during this retrograde period you will need to remember that there is a time to hold them, a time to fold them, and a time to talk away. You have been holding your cards to your chest for a long time about a key issue, the expiration date on your move is creeping up on you. Don’t let your sunny ego get in the way on this one or you risk losing something that is very important to you. Holding your thoughts and your feelings to your chest will be used against you if you don’t get over that one little hang up. The feelings and thoughts you are looking for in key partnerships are there, but they are waiting to be given some attention by you. Play the cards you want to play in this retrograde period, particularly where past people or past influences are in effect. You are going to be surprised, pleasantly, by the results.


The first two weeks of June for you Virgo are going to involve group activities and group events, and if they don’t, try to incorporate that into your routine. Career and professional endeavors specifically are going to take precedence and should be handled efficiently during the first part of June. After the 17th, any of the big plans you have to elevate your life to the next level should be contemplated over rather than managed with action. Think, plan, create lists, and get things ready, but do not “do” anything until the beginning of July. That’s when some really successful energy is coming your way. For you, if someone around you is speaking in tongues, just ask for clarification and it will come.


You will experience the most confusion and frustration around your career and professional center during this Mercury retrograde period. If you are retired or unemployed, you will find frustrations in your daily activities. This will involve contracts, paperwork, and delayed messages for you so you will need to pull back a little bit and look at the big picture if you get tangled in Mercury retrograde. By the 17th, you will begin to experience some inspiring ideas to get yourself out of these fixes, and so the planning will begin. Planning is favored over action for you until July 1, and if you are unsure as to how to proceed or how to understand someone, pull back and think about it before whipping back one of your usual smart remarks. Do not engage in any legal battles at this time as well, or you will find a lot of frustration and delays with the paperwork.


Experiencing a retrograde through the Water signs is sheer hell on Earth for you Scorpio, but this won’t be the first one for you so you will handle this one just fine. Don’t be surprised if you wind up with a new phone or a new car before the end of this one though. You are going to spend the first part of June just trying to get through every day, it will seem like much of the messages you are getting are confusing or mixed signals. Don’t answer anything right away if it isn’t kind, or you are going to do some damage with your stinger. By the 17th, you can review key matters in your romantic partnerships. A performance review for someone perhaps? Stick to your guns if your needs are not being met. This will be a very psychic period for you as well, which is one reason you are so dragged down by Mercury retrograde. Follow those hunches, they mean something, but quiet reflection is favored over action at this time.


The first half of the month will be a very intense one for you Sagittarius as you will be left with a lot of confusion and intensity over key emotional issues, and romantic partnerships. Finances may come into play as well. The good news is that by the 17th all of this will fall into place and you will feel much better in the latter half of the month than the first. If the partnership theme comes up again after the 17th, remember that retrogrades are about reviewing and reflecting, and that is what you must do in order to reveal the answers you seek.


Communication is going to be very important to you particularly in your first two weeks of July. You will get confused very easily because everyone around you is feeling the retrograde in their own unique way. You will get through this best by not taking anything personally during this period, and this will pose a bigger challenge than you think. By the 17th, put your focus elsewhere such as on your health and your diet and the confusing partnership matters will work themselves out in time. Programs, regimes, or diets that worked in the past will be particularly favorable for you right now. And so will words that worked in the past in your love life, say those things that were said once long ago and it will pull the strings of your lover’s heart very quickly.


You will be too focused on work matters and a series of little wrinkles there in the first two weeks of June to focus too much on love. Fortunately for you, you have impeccable diplomacy and will be able to smooth out those wrinkles quickly so that you can focus on the people that really matter. Healthy routines will help you work through any anxiety you may experience over love during this period. A brisk walk will clear your mind if someone says something a little off during this period. After the 17th, you can take your love to an all new creative level and get a little experimental with your partner. You don’t need to say too many words to get the wheels spinning, just send a few saucy text driven messages and the rest will fall into place. Have you been thinking about touching base with someone in your past? After the 17th is key time for you, Aquarius.


You are always moody when it comes to love, Pisces, but the upside is that you are also very romantic. Sometimes simply directing that attention to one thing is all you need to do. The retrograde period will be very difficult for you in that respect, particularly if you have any unfinished business from your past. Expect the first two weeks of June to be very emotional if you have not closed the doors from your past. An unexpected visitor is not out of the question. After the 17th you will feel more energy that is forward focused, and planning your future with your family is an ideal activity for you during this time frame. Play is favored for you as well right now. Need to burn off some energy? Do something childish and fun. You also will be well served by going a little reclusive, particularly if something is gnawing at your conscience. Psychic impulses and hunches should be followed!

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