What is your biggest wish for this summer?

summer time

Before you fess up, check out our list of 6 fun things to do this summer using astrology as your guide. You might want to read a good inspirational book lying on the beach https://veronikaprielozna.selz.com/? If you haven’t yet started planning how you are going to make all your summer 2014 wishes come true yet, this handy list will certainly inspire you into some good ideas.

1. Use Mercury Retrograde Wisely: June 7 to July 2, 2014.

There will be a Mercury retrograde from June 7 until July 2 which for some may feel like a slow start to summer. A lot of people groan over a Mercury retrograde period, but in the summer especially it feels like an unfair double whammy from the universe. Really?

Actually if you are going to have a retrograde period, the summer is the best time to have one because your brain and YOUR MOJO is already kicking into slow-mo relaxing mood anyway. MERCURY RETROGRADES are about reviewing, reflecting, remembering, rebounding, reconnecting, reuniting….wink wink, see where I am going with this? This is an astrological transit where a lot of exes will get back together, because we get into this schmaltzy Oh I remember when, I feel like I need to call her right now, mode. And what better time for that to occur than during wedding season! So use this to your advantage! Also, Mercury retrograde does have a habit of wrinkling up travel plans, so make those before June 7 and you are good to go. Single and ready to mingle as you head into Summer 2014? Why not mingle with someone from the past and just see where it takes you? This is the ripest energy of the summer that you will have to do so. If you are attached and want to add a boost to your relationship, conjure up memories from the past, re-enact first dates or anniversaries, and let the memories and fantasy take over from there.

Easiest For: This Mercury Retrograde starts in Gemini and ends in Cancer, so these signs will feel its effects most intensely. If your ex or your current partner is either of these signs, play up the past and nostalgia in your romantic endeavors and just see where it takes you. You don’t need any help from us from there!

Hardest on: Mercury retrograde is a period of change and transition which is the most difficult for the Fixed Signs, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio. These signs just like it to always be the same all the time, never-changing. Life isn’t like that, and so these signs struggle the most in transition periods like retrogrades. If that’s you, learn to let that go, just practice it, and you will see the abundance of renewal and reviewing and reconnecting brings into your life.

2. Use Neptune Retrograde Energy Wisely as Well: June 9 to November 6

NEPTUNE will also be in retrograde giving you a great chance to explore the mysteries of your fantasies and dreams. This is a period where the astrological energy for psychic enlightenment is incredible. This is also happening in Pisces, a dreamy and watery and psychic sign itself, so all of this energy will be flowing for renewal starting June 9. The urge to go and explore within will be huge. Harness it! You will found boundaries around you dissolving unless you need to create them yourself around toxic people. You may already be feeling this energy begin, as this energy will begin slowly to percolate the first few days before an aspect as significant as this occurs. You may be afraid of the boundaries, again, we have change. Release that and let it go and Neptune retrograde turns dreams into reality. You may be forced to confront something you have been denying, or vice versa, someone else may do so about you so again we have another retrograde period that nurtures ex-love re-connection. Follow this psychic potential and you may well cross paths with your soul mate. By the end of Summer 2014, there will be many twin flame stories cropping up about lost or broken loves reconnecting. Universe is giving you everything you need to make it happen. But, if this is not what you want, use this energy to explore your own dreams and fantasies. What are your wildest visions? When can you make time this summer to explore them?

Easiest For: The Water Signs, Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer, with especially Cancer. These signs are Water signs and thus more empathic by nature. They simply feel a different dimension through their multi-layered spidey-senses. Following instinct and pursuing the other world comes second nature to them, and this will be heightened in this period.

Hardest On: The practical, grounded, down to Earth Earth Signs, Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo. It just doesn’t make sense to them. What does is right in front of them and they can see it, but what they can’t see doesn’t make sense to them. These signs, and any others that have a difficult time with this period should concentrate on dream work, dream journaling, meditation, and practices of that nature to tune into the messages that are most certainly on their way.

3. Engage in Water Activities! Best through July 20

The month of July is very Cancerian energy, the most ideal time of the Summer to enjoy water sports, water vacation, water day trips, or even just a walk to the beach or lake when you need to zone out. And if there is ever a moment in the summer where you just think that things aren’t going the way you want it to, or you’re not having the best day ever, a very brief trip to your closest spot of water therapy will be just what you need to reboot and refresh during this summer of retrogrades. And even if you think that won’t help, just do it anyway just to prove us wrong. You probably won’t want to leave, because you will be so relaxed! Any water energy is good however much you can soak in, book it for as long or as short as you can. And the point is to stop and enjoy it, and you will feel an instant peace within, if you are playing your intentions right.

Easiest For: The Water Signs, Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer, with especially Cancer. If you made an ooops with a Water Sign over the course of the summer planning a fun water based event will help get you back in their good graces.

Hardest On: The Fire Signs Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo who will want to be getting up and going and won’t have the time to stop and relax. You can beckon those senses and sensibilities of theirs

 4. Jupiter in Cancer through July 2014

JULY will also be the last month that Jupiter is in Cancer, this aspect places lucky breaks and lucky themes in the domain of Cancer, the domain of the family. This is a great month to try fertility treatments if you want to experience Jupiter’s lucky expansive energy on expanding your family. Other things that will be favored under this energy are weddings, engagements, reunions, and anything on the homefront. Domestic activities in particular cooking are favored as well. A great month to enter that pie competition you have been secretly training for! Family based or family themed trips, outings, and activities will also be favored throughout the month of July. If you are trying to have a baby this Summer, July is the best month to do it from an astrological standpoint. If you are trying to strengthen or grow your family, the same applies. This energy will be available in August as well, but when Jupiter moves into Leo the lucky breaks will come in other domains. Expect them in the way of the family over the period of July.

Easiest For: The Water Signs, Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer, with especially Cancer. This is a lovey dovey feel good time to them, the kind they have been waiting for all year.

Hardest On: Again the poor Fire Signs, Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo, and particularly Leo are in the mode get up and go and have some childish fun once in a while. They will feel much better in August when many planets move into Leo and the Fire Signs are given their chance to see their energy really come out and play.

5. Sun, Mercury, Venus in Leo through August 2014

Shortly after Cancer and Pisces gets their share of the spotlight, August on the other hand is full of Fire energy and is a very Leo month. If you thought your dreams were going to end when the Water Sign energy began to dissipate in July, think again. Instead, August gives you Fire energy to fuel those dreams, and mostly in the way of Leo. This energy is about celebrating that inner child. You have one month left of summer, so play to your heart’s content. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus will all be in Leo. Jupiter will move into Leo as well once it has finished its tour in Cancer in July. This means that you will be seeing lucky breaks in the area of love, communication, and in all of your biggest projects and deepest desires. It is a time to really go after what you want. Mercury in Leo gives you the power to put words to that energy and truly see it through. Jupiter in Leo will give you the lucky breaks you need. If you have been waiting for the courage to do something, the roar of the lovable Leo lion will come to you in August and really light your fire. Plan this time as time where you make a big work pitch, make a big romantic move, or do something to take your life to the next level in some way. The energy is all there waiting to make it happen for you. Celebrate inner child and find your way into the spotlight, the rewards are yours for the taking.

Easiest For: The Fire Signs, Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo, with Leo getting the bulk of this glory. Leo has a lovable August planned, and should use this energy wisely with their nearest and dearest for deep rewards. Don’t take it for granted!

Hardest On: The Earth Signs Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo who are still paying for July’s fun and feel a little foolish to break into the silly a bit right now. On the other hand, if they do let their hair down they will realize that the rewards are there for the taking under the Leo Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus.

6. Do Amp Up the Saucy When Mars Enters Scorpio on July 25

One planet that is not under Fire Sign pressure is the fiery planet of MARS, who will find his way into Scorpio the week of JULY 25 after a very long journey in Libra. Stagnation at the end of summer will not be an option under this energy as this energy is going to ring through August adding a mysterious but intense and passionate flair to life. What do you want? Go after it and the opportunities that come your way will be heated, and probably very sexy. And if you have been wondering where you stand with someone,, you won’t be after the month of August between the lucky Leo energy and the Saucy Scorpio energy combined as well. If you are single and wondering when things are going to start to fall together for you this Summer, it will start to fall together around this time. Think of ways to merge the fiery Mars energy, romantic campfires, with Scorpio water energy, beaches, long baths. Merge the two, a campfire on the beach or a candle lit bath and express yourself to someone during this period and the rewards will be epic. And what better way to end your summer with a saucy story about how you merged water and fire to create some serious steam? Do enjoy, and report back.

Easiest For: Scorpio has been waiting for this energy to peak since last August. Her opposite Fixed Sign Leo is going to enjoy this quite immensely for the same reasons as well.

Hardest On: The Air Signs, Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius are going to find this all far too intense for their liking. Be gentle on your Air Sign friends or you may spook them.

Warm yourself with summer plans and enjoy!

Drop me a line about your plans, thanks.

The wisdom source: Katherina, astrologist