Just recently, Carolyn Myss shared her story how she overheard a man asking someone a question at the airport: “What are you willing to do to become a better person?” … a soul question to ask yourself in a first place!

What is any of us willing to do to become a better person?

stone towelIn Carolyn Myss analogy: “Noticing the needs of others and the world around us changes the way we live. If we intend to navigate our world consciously and with integrity, including others in the landscape of our life, we must mature and refine our worldview. I always begin teaching my workshops – even my webinars – by presenting the image of a 10-story apartment building. This building is an analogy for the many floors of perception, truth and reality that we have within us. As buildings, we always look the same from the outside. But from within, we know that our view of the world is altered with each ascending floor. Even though the building never moves an inch, our view of the world shifts every time we walk up just one staircase. But with each new floor, the cost of living gets more expensive, and life on the ground floor becomes more distant. The view from the higher floors becomes impossible to describe to those who have never gone beyond the first or second floors.”

The question this man posed to whomever he was speaking might send chills down to your spine. You can plug yourself into your Ipod, close your eyes, and let this question vibrate in your soul “What are you willing to do to become a better person?”

Put some ideas and thoughts that might come and make a step forward becoming a Better Person you can ever be — even today!

My reply for this question will be: I wrote a book to share wisdom with the world. https://veronikaprielozna.selz.com/

The Source of inspiration: Carolyn Myss