Become a Master in listening of hidden messages. Open your Divine ears (Inner ears) first before you will communicate using your speech. LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION. Your instincts will never fail you. The logical mind can be deceived. The eyes and ears can be fooled. They see what they want to see. They hear what they want to hear. However, your INNER BEING cannot be fooled… Live your life from your authentic self, inside out. THE POWER IS IN YOUR SOUL.”

HELLO ALL, MOON LOVERS – especially you, GEMINI!


The Sun in Gemini symbolically unites with the Moon in Gemini suggesting both luminaries are bringing focus to the sign of Gemini. The astrological sign of Gemini is an air element (mental energy, social, thoughts) and a mutable mode of energy expression (adaptable, flexible, versatile).

The New Moon in Gemini on its own brings awareness around the mental energy, intellect, logical thought, rational mind, information, learning and sharing knowledge as well as conveying interesting ideas. There’s a strong focus on the reasoning mind now. The New Moon in Gemini brings each in touch with the playful curious aspect which is eager to learn and experience. Interesting facts, stories or information provides nourishment to this inquisitive part of self.

Be open and curious and to be student-like during the New Moon in Gemini. Ask a variety of questions rather than repeated one to receive fresh answers.  The logical mind wants to know yet as much as you talk be sure to listen and receive.  Gemini tends to be able to adapt to any group of people, conversation or within communication. This is wonderful and chameleon like. Yet it is important not to lose yourself and stray away from being authentic.

During this phase, there may be tendency to want to escape or fall into illusion as the New Moon in Gemini makes a connection to Neptune in Pisces. It is possible to feel lost or confused which option to take or choice to make. If you keep over-analyzing with the mind alone you may  not find the answer. Be sure not to assume or judge too quickly, gather the facts first and be objective.

There is way out from Neptune’s confusion by taking action. Be healthy. Do what is right for you. Use Mars as your sword of truth and cut the cords of illusion…”

“So what do we do with this New Moon? On the one hand we are driven to start something, embark on a new path go somewhere! But at the same time we have something slowing us down, even putting us into reverse- forcing us to revisit areas of life that we thought we had figured out already.

“… The key is to know that if you are stopped mid-stream OR if you are back at the beginning- there is a reason for it. There is something you need to do- tie up lose ends, complete something, or redo it altogether. In the long run this will serve you, but in the next week or so you may feel like all it is doing is dragging you down.

“The key is to get some Higher Mind perspective- and the best way to do that is in meditation or the dream time. So take time out of your busy schedule to meditate, reflect, introspect and retreat. All signs can benefit from this but particularly the water signs- as they all have this new moon and much of mercury’s retrograde playing out in the water/Shadow houses of their chart.

When you come across multiple choices or two choices and are at a cross-roads, rather than becoming scattered like leaves blowing in the wind….

Quiet down and be still, connect with your Soul/Spirit and the Divine and ask for the answer. Which path becomes a bit more highlighted or stands out through gut feeling? You have your answer. There is potential for inspired thoughts and feelings during the New Moon in Gemini yet you have to take time to be in silence for that to guide you. If you need extra confirmation, seek counsel of someone who you know is trustworthy.

Mars in Libra makes an easy flowing aspect to the New Moon in Gemini suggesting “an energized or extra stimulated” mind or mental energy. Thus the nervous system may be over-worked or sensitive now. Being in nature or doing exercise which helps to shift stress or anxiety will be really helpful.

The New Moon in Gemini provides the beautiful message of “Be open and curious and engage in a variety of life experiences.

Wishes for a wonderful New Moon in Gemini!

Veronika Prielozna, MA as a GEMINI launching her e-book/ iBook on Internet using New Moon openness and curiosity.

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Ready for a peak? Not now….we must wait for a New Moon to dive in our lives. (Smile@YOU!)

Gratitude for sharing wisdom goes to : Dipali Desai, Dana Gerhardt