Knowing how to intermingle your questions using Power of Love Astrology into conversation can help you a lot. In every relationship, when it comes to communication with someone how you feel, what you want, and ask where things are going, our nerves can beat us to the punch and ensure we never end up having that anxious conversation. Learn smart tips before you will open communication channels that will give you a real change to communicate successfully with ease.


1. Wait for your partner to be ready too.

So you’re ready to take things to the next level, and because you feel so great you automatically assume your partner will be too. Wrong. Pulling the trigger on this conversation before you have seen some cues from them will backfire. Wait for signals from your partner like conversations that include the word “we”, or dates suggested in the future like, “We should totally check out that beach next summer!” Wait for the clues and then go in for the Talk. You’ll be glad you did. Also make sure your partner is in the present. Planning to go to the beach next summer is wonderful, but only if they are also calling you THIS week to make sure you are in the present with them as well.

Easiest For: The grounded Earth Signs, Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn who are accustomed to waiting and working for the right moment for almost everything.

Worst Offenders: Aries and Libra like to be the boss and get their own way, waiting is not their favorite thing. This will be the hardest for you guys, but trust me, it will pay off!

2. Have the conversation face to face.

The Talk is scary because a lot of people presume this is the road to marriage. And often it is. Do you really want to have one of the most important conversations of your life over the phone? Text? Email? Tweet? Your partner deserves better, and besides, don’t you want to remember every yummy look in their eye when they say yes?

Easiest For: Leo, Taurus, and Sagittarius who love a good heart to heart, face to face.

Worst Offenders: Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer who are the reclusive of the bunch. Gemini is a offender here as well because Gem loves that smartphone…a little too much when it comes to this particular convo.

3. Never say, “We need to talk.”

When was the last time you felt excited when someone said that to you? Filled with joy and love? Doesn’t happen. Those 4 words instill fear in the strongest, so leave those words inside your head. Instead, try launching the chat when you are having fun. Just as he is about to toss that ball down the lane for a strike, when she’s doing that cute fussy thing about ordering her lunch again, or when your partner does something hysterical. Launch the talk when you are already having fun, and this takes out the fear all together. “I loved the way you did that, we should do this more often you know, like, exclusively? What do you think?”

Easiest For: Sagittarius, Pisces, and Gemini, who make every conversation fun, and try to avoid this conversation like the plague. Surprise them, and they will be more open to it.

Worst Offenders: Scorpio, who needs to discuss everything at length from the right brand of Mayo to how is Mom going to take the news. Remember, dear Scorpio, not everything in life is so intense. Libra will get bristled over this one too and will immediately wonder what criticism is coming their way, despite how anxious Libra is to say “we need to talk” themselves. Remember, fun always, when launching this talk. Leave the serious stuff for later, after they have said YES.

4. Do be very, very clear what you want.

The best way to have this talk successfully is to act casually, do it when you are having fun, and not put so much pressure on the other person. This might leave you forgetting the most serious point though, which is, exclusivity. You are allowed to want what you want, but when you ask for it, be clear. Especially in this age of mixed signals, hookups, and friends with benefits. If you aren’t clear about exactly what you want, then you won’t get it, period. “I’m not dating anyone else anymore, you?” That sends a very clear message, without the pressure.

Easiest For: Libra, Leo, and Capricorn who are very direct. And, if you are confused about what is said, ask for clarity. Take the cues from these signs who know how to get that dotted line signed in all areas of life.

Worst Offenders: Virgo will over analyze many aspects of this conversation, for years, so don’t be surprised if Virgo is confused at first. Pisces has a tendency to appear distracted when serious conversations come up, and will blur the lines in their favor if the opportunity arises. Don’t let it! Keep it clear and focused on exactly what you want!

5. Don’t get emotional.

Save any heartbreak that may or may not arise from this conversation until later when you are with the guys or the girls. When this chat is looked back on, you don’t want the ugly cry etched in someone else’s memory. Do use emotional words, just don’t show overly emotional reactions unless you are truly overjoyed. “I love when you do that, I never want that to end.” as opposed to, “I love you and will be devastated if we can’t work this out, how can we make sure I’m not heartbroken by the end of this conversation? I’m already traumatized just thinking about it. Are you mad at me because I brought this up? Do you think we will ever be exclusive?”

Easiest For: The cool and aloof Air Signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the best at keeping their emotions in check. If that’s you, be kind to the one that brings up this talk, not everyone is as cool and collected as you are, especially in matters of the heart.

Worst Offenders: Cancer and Scorpio are bruised so easily and so sensitive, it is almost impossible for them to get through this talk without a wave of emotion or a million. Be gentle with your Water Sign friends that begin this talk. And Scorpio and Cancer would be well served by practicing this conversation and easy tips before launching it! Be cool, Water Signs, it will pay off.

6. Make it about the other person.

Going into a relationship centered talk with ‘I’ centered focus is the worst approach. What you want to do in this talk is acknowledge and honor everything about the person you want to be with, the relationship itself, and also your future. Think of this as a job review or performance evaluation where you start with the positive. “I love the way you communicate, you’re just so awesome at it, thank you. I’ve never been able to communicate like this with anyone before. I can’t imagine dating anyone else, what do you think about making this an exclusive thing?” Or, “You are so great at [insert activity here], I never want that to stop. Thanks.” And see what happens. Someone that is terrified of commitment will change the subject, someone that has been waiting for you to bring this up will follow that up with something like, “Well then, we will just have to make sure it doesn’t stop then.”

Easiest For: The fixed signs, Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus are the best at making it about someone else. They make everything about someone else. If you are one of these signs, this should go well. If your partner is, then you know exactly how to bring this up.

Worst Offenders: Capricorn, Aries, and Libra, who are often all about them. They will have a more difficult time making it about you, so if they appear bossy and you love them, you will have to let them as this will never change. But if you are the bossy one launching this talk, maintain the control you like by asking leading questions, “Been thinking about us. Where do you see us going?”

And there you have it! Everything you need to have The Talk successfully, with no fear at all. Thanks to the power of love astrology, now you too have all of the tools you need to create the most exclusive relationship of your dreams.

Gratitude for sharing wisdom goes to: astrologyanswers.com