NAMASTE, Soul Harmony Seekers:Let us have a COSMIC FORECAST guide our way… starts today: May 19, 2014ZodiacSign

MONDAY – WEDNESDAY: On Monday, Mars goes direct. This may bring about disagreements in typically harmonious situations. Tensions may rise between those around you, which could draw you into unnecessary drama. If there are people that feel you have done wrong to them, this may be the time that they attempt to make things even. Avoid that as best as possible. Plan to make major decisions after Mars goes back into retrograde. Stronger signs will find that they are capable of passive behavior, but it may only be for ulterior motives. If you are planning on moving forward on a project or other situation, Mars direct will have your back through it all.

THURSDAY – FRIDAY: The sun enters Gemini, which calls for a much appreciated change of pace. While normally you may be working hard and determined to make money, you are finally wanting to have fun. Making plans to go out and have fun or planning a vacation will keep you in that happy mood. There is an indecisive nature that is attached to this process. You may be wavering between two solutions to situations. Connecting with one’s inner child and embracing a free spirit-ques routine for this week will feel natural. Avoid those that are manipulative and/or two-faced. Don’t let anyone bring you down.

SATURDAY – SUNDAY: We experience Jupiter Trine Saturn on Saturday. This is the time to make use of your experiences and making sure the bad ones do not repeat themselves. It brings about an easy-going nature, which increases connections between you and those around you. If you haven’t already, it is important to make sure you learn how to handle a particular subject. Your pessimism may bringing those around you own, embrace how wonderful it is! This is the time of contradiction. Some stuff about it is incredibly confusing. Do not let emotions take control of intense situations. Try hard to get your optimism back.

Gratitude for wisdom source flows to: Kathrine, astrologist