YOU’LL BE BREAKING OUT OF EMOTIONAL SHELLS, and at first this can make you quite defensive. Erase these kinds of thoughts. Universe has your back and God is always within you as “you”. This is the meaning of “Namaste“. So recognize who you are, what you wish to do, and who you see self, “being” with in the long-term.

What do you hold as sacred?

Because this is what will drive you to answer higher callings, pursue kismet destiny, and overcome challenges. Define factors or triggers holding you back from committing to new relationships by being honest about past feelings. It’s time to release those and “be in the present” at all times. All that matters is what is happening in “the present”. So secure the best future by building a better “presence”. Speak up!

your light

Share ideas and shop ideals to people you feel drawn to intuitively. Stop taking “NO” for an answer and create the “YES” you want to hear. There is a way to do anything, all you must do is be willing to hunt for it by exploring all options and being more open-minded in working with diverse groups of people. The world is big but it gets smaller as you get out into it more to mine the “gold” it has to offer you as “good karma”, good luck, and an open willing heart. You have to create “love” the world must learn to understand and redefine.