ARE YOU READY FOR MOTHER’S DAY YET? Did you know that all you need to know is Mom’s zodiac sign to get her the perfect gift? Use these awesome tips right here and rest assured that this year you will be knocking it out of the park, and make mom feel like the angel she is using astrology wisdom.



When it comes to shopping for a lady Aries, use the fire behind this Fire Sign to your advantage. Candles or lanterns are a great first choice, but take this up a notch by finding one that really speaks to your mom’s personality. A sterling plate for your candle, engraved with the kids names would or an entire set with one candle for every lovely that mom has taken care of over the years. Aries likes to be the boss as well, so get something that makes your mom feel like a CEO. A hand-made CEO MOM T-shirt with all of the kinds hand-prints on it, or an office accessory that is so pretty she will want to use it every day. You also want to use the color red in your gifts and be as bold and as big as you want it to be, and this will really bowl mom over. Happy Mother’s Day Aries!


Our beautiful Earth loving friends in the Taurus family spend most of their time this time of year out in the gardens. Is your Taurus mom a gardener? A personalized kit of accessories for her to use in the garden will be a beautiful gift. Moms love homemade things, and Taurus moms even more so. A painted pot with her name on it, or the names of the kids that give it to her will also make for a great gift. You may also want to get her something she can plant outside that will last for several years. When she sees it year after year, she will remember what a beautiful Mother’s Day she had with you this year. Taurus is also ruled by Venus, and loves to get pampered after their long days in the garden. If you can swing it, a day at the spa for both of you would be very well received by mom. Happy Mother’s Day Taurus!


Gemini may be accused of having a split personality on occasion, but that works to your advantage when it comes to gift giving by the zodiac sign. You can cater to one of two sides for your Gemini mom, her intellectual side or her communication side. If mom is a book worm or a bit of a nerd, a personalized journal with a heartfelt letter inside will be treasured and remembered forever. If she works in communication or writes frequently, pretty office accessories that will help her stay organized will also be well appreciated. And if there is any sign that loves their gadgets, it would be Gemini. If you feel like splurging for Mom, a device where she can Facetime or Skype with her grandbabies will be one that will warm her heartstrings for years to come. If your budget is a bit on the lower side, accessories to jazz up her current gadgets will tickle her fancy as well. Happy Mother’s Day Gemini!


Cancer is ruled by the Moon and the one sign that needs to have family around them as much as possible. And if they can’t, they just need to know their family is well. Cater to your mom’s familial side today by making sure you spend quality time with her. She really doesn’t want anything fancy, just some you time. Although she loves to cook fancy meals for you, this time, take her out and let her be waited on. You don’t need to get fancy, because Cancer doesn’t want you to make the fuss, you just need to find the right locale that will serve her up celebrations with a smile. If you want to add a gift to your day with Mom, a new recipe journal, a fancy cooking appliance she has been coveting for ages, or things that remind her of the water like seashells, scrubby bath sponges, or beachy candles. If you are still stuck? A gift card so she can do some home shopping for herself, but personalize it by following it up with real-time. Happy Mother’s Day Cancer!


When it comes to Leo the bigger the better when it comes to gift giving, but you don’t need to break the bank to do so. Leo loves luxury so big luxurious pillows for the bedroom for mom, or lush accents that will make her feel great will work wonders. Leo also loves to preen like the lion they are, so a stunning mirror with an accented frame will please your Leo mom beautifully. Ruled by the Sun, anything in orange will also be adored by your Leo mom. As king of the jungle, Leo really likes their animal prints as well, so try a sexy new scarf in zebra print, a leopard print handbag, or a tiger printed hairbrush set that mom can show off whenever she is having one of her nights on the town. Or even better, a handbag stuffed with all of these things! Happy Mother’s Day Leo!


As the mutable Earth Sign, Virgo is about as practical, organized, and clean, as it gets/ And as you know your mom so well, they can tend to get a little fussy about their environment. Virgo Mom has been working very hard all of your life to make sure your home is spic and span, now it’s time for the tables to turn. Gifts on the lower budget end of things like magazine baskets and organizers, CD towers, and organizing centers will make Virgo mom happier than any other. A trunk or chest that she can use for storage will also be well appreciated, and you may even want to fill it with time capsule items from you and the rest of the gang. But if you have a little extra to splurge this year, why not book a maid service for a few months and take the load off mom for a change so that she can get a little break. Happy Mother’s Day Virgo!


Libra may be an Air Sign, and maybe you have complained about mom being on the aloof side a little once or twice in your lifetime, but that does not mean they don’t love to be pampered or preened with pretty things. Anything that looks gorgeous or luxurious will make your Libra Mom’s eyes widen with delight. Can you splurge on a designer brand or label? Get something for mom that she would never get for herself, but be sure it comes with plenty of bling and accents that will sparkle and gleam. Libra mom loves her bling, so you can take this up a notch by getting her a ring or some jewelry with each of the kid’s birthstones in it. Some cheap blingy gems or crystals for her to sprinkle in the garden will delight her as well, as they will catch the sunlight in the summer and set her garden above everyone else’s on the block. She may not say so, she’s the aloof Libra, but she will be secretly smiling about the envy of all others when you spoil her this way. Happy Mother’s Day Libra!


There are so many facets to the Scorpio Mom’s personality that it can be difficult trying to pick a starting point in gift shopping. The secretive side of Mom can be celebrated by getting her something she can hide all of her sweet little secrets in. A fancy keepsake box decorated with gems from the kids would work well. So would a beautiful new journal where she can stow away some of her most private thoughts. Your mom is also on the sensual side, but you don’t have to have an awkward moment to honor that in her. Sensual candles in her favorite scent or some bath oils or salts will certainly give her something to look forward to at the end of the day. Scorpio Mom likes her quiet time as well. If you are short on funds, she may just love to have some time to herself in the morning. Take the rest of the gang to the park for her so she can spend some time alone thinking about how awesome you are, and how lucky she is. Happy Mother’s Day Scorpio!


When it comes to gift giving, Sagittarius Mom secretly wants something that caters to her sense of adventure. She is normally catering to yours, and so this year turn the tables and let her have some fun. Sagittarius loves travel, and if Mom hasn’t had a chance to get away for a while, book something for her and don’t let her say no. But if your wallet won’t allow that one, take her on a little road trip this Sunday and let her feel the Sun on her face. Plan a picnic outdoors, or take mom on an adventure that she’s never experienced before. Sky diving lessons? If your Sagittarius Mom is a bit of a party girl, then give her something simple that will help her do so in style. A cocktail shaker set, a new set of long-stemmed wine glasses with her favorite wine, or a gift basket with all of the above! Make sure you give Mom the night off as well so that she can enjoy it. Happy Mother’s Day Sagittarius!


Capricorn mom generally spends more time-serving as the CEO of the family to fuss too much about gifts or wants for her. This gives you even more reason to amp up the gift giving this year. For Capricorn Mom, think upscale and elegant, and give her something that will make her feel like the appreciated CEO that she is. Big budget? What about a new leather recliner for her home office or for her nights in front of the TV. If your budget is on the smaller side, all you need to do is get something simple but elegant. An elegant frame for her to take to work with a picture of you in it, a chess set, or even a lovely glass vase or centerpiece that will stand out amongst all of her gems. Capricorn is also very traditional, and this is an easy quality to cater to for your Capricorn mom. If you have no budget at all, surprise mom with breaking in a new tradition this year. Cook her breakfast or start a new walk ritual, or just hang out watching reruns of the Real Housewives in your PJ’s all day. Mom will resist at first, because it won’t feel practical, some easy convincing is all you need to let her feel naughty and lazy for a change. Vintage gifts work very well as well for the Capricorn mom. Happy Mother’s Day Capricorn!


When it comes to purchasing for Aquarius Mom, keep her big thinking mindset in mind when you are shopping. Spiritual gifts like crystals, a set of Tarot cards, or a meditating Buddha for the garden will be adored by your Aquarius mom. She also likes things that are enhanced by the wind or by air, so a pretty set of wind chimes, a surprise trip in a hot air balloon, or a prism of craft bottles that tinkle when they are clinked together. If your Aquarius Mom is a great cook, she will adore a new toy for the kitchen. Try to find out what that gadget is that she has been secretly coveting, and surprise her with it because you know she will never get it for herself. Low budget? Write out wishes for your mom on slips of paper, and then put those slips into balloons and have all of the kids engage in a balloon release party on Mother’s Day and send your mom some very special blessings in one of the most unique ways ever. Happy Mother’s Day Aquarius!


As the sign that is symbolized by two fish swimming in completely different directions, it can be very difficult to determine what Pisces Mom wants for Mother’s Day. Even most Pisces aren’t sure what they want, so don’t bother asking Mom because she will just say, “Oh, whatever we end up doing will be fine, honey.” As a water sign, Pisces Mom will love anything that gets her near or on the water. Rent a boat and take mom out for a fun sail on Mother’s Day. Or, pick up a few little trinkets for the home that she will like, like a water fountain or a floating candle set. Pisces loves their fantasy land, so a gift basket specially prepared with items that will help her enjoy her dream world will be well appreciated. Some dream candles, a meditation journal, or some soothing water music to listen to will be all you need to let Mom escape in just the way she needs. Pisces also rules the feet, so a full spa pedicure or a gift basket with feet pampering items will tickle her in all the right ways. Happy Mother’s Day Pisces!

Let’s have Mother’s day filled with joy and happiness!

The source of wisdom: Kathrine, astrologist