Knowing Zodiac signs and personalities behind can help you in many life situations. Follow these simple guidelines for turn offs by the zodiac sign. Once you have these safely stowed in your back pocket, you will know exactly what to avoid in those intense conversations or awkward moments. As a nurse, I am using Zodiac knowledge a lot. Just one glance at the date of birth on the chart and I got some ideas who I am going to work with… so, why not allow cosmos to help you in dealing with people?



Aries is a Cardinal sign and likes to be the boss. Period. This is the case in all things, in love, work, play, all of it. So if you are feeling your Aries get a little aloof, could be you tried to play the boss for a moment. Aries likes their lovers on the smart side as well. So if you open up and say something a little…less than intelligent, that’s where your Aries awkward pause may crop up. Before your next date, read up on your Aries favorite Presidents or novelists and insert into conversation accordingly.


Taurus is symbolized by the Bull, and this makes them a little strong-headed. As such, most of the time that Taurus gets ticked, someone has usually tried to bull them over. A strong lover is what Taurus wants and needs, and someone that is able to think on their own. However, thinking on your own and trying to run over Taurus turf will backfire on you. Demanding partners will be cut loose by Taurus very quickly, as will anyone that gripes about Taurus spending and love of luxury.


As the mutable Air Sign, Gemini is one that is a big thinker, but a quick one as well. They play the split personality role very well and are often referred to as Jekyll and Hyde. As such, know that your Gem can turn on a dime, and you want to be very careful about how you handle their communication. Something as small as an ‘eye roll’ or a scoff at something Gem said could have them turn into a monster on a dime. They can and they will take it personally, and won’t forget it.


As the cardinal Water Sign, Cancer can be very emotional, and one of the most sensitive signs of them all. You really have to tread carefully about big issues around Cancer, and be as sensitive as possible. Play to their emotional side, and take care when arguments crop up that it doesn’t get personal. You also can’t feign interest with this intuitive crab, they will pick up on that sooner than you can say bored, and they will do their sidelong walk as far away from you as soon as possible once they are onto you. Patronizing is also a no-no, and a sure way to say goodbye to your favorite crab forever.


Leo is a lion, and although they may have a big roar, inside they are all pussy cat. So treat your Leo as gently as you would your favorite kitty, and they will purr to your heart’s content. Leo also doesn’t like liars, and would rather you sting them with the truth than hurt them with a lie. So just be real with Leo and it will be rewarded. Loyalty goes very far with Leo, and if they have the slightest inkling that you are anything but, they will wander to another cat that will help them meet their needs.


Virgo is the most organized sign of the zodiac, and also the most clutter free. Oddly enough, keeping organized and maintain good hygiene will keep your Virgo’s nose wrinkle free. You also need to bring a little substance to the table, your genius ideas, your brilliant novel, your unique take on the news. Whatever it is, it needs to be elevated above the norm to keep Virgo interested. They may enjoy talking about the Real Housewives once in a while, but if they seem aloof after 10 or 12 convos on rich people drama, they will begin looking elsewhere.


Libra is an Air Sign and as an air sign they are pretty committed to their opinions. They also are committed to their opinions of themselves, and so this means criticism on your Libra will fall very flat, and it will be difficult to come back from. So if your Libra is a little on the cold side, this could be why. With Libra, even well-meaning statements can go the wrong way, so tread lightly around your Libra if you are asking for them to change something about themselves in any way.


As the fixed Water Sign, Scorpio is also very committed to their opinions but with that commitment comes emotion as well. So trying to sway Scorpio from their own thoughts or ideas will be met with anger and steam and that big ol’ stinger. You also can’t tease this sign in romance, as Scorpio plays the game of love for keeps. So if you don’t mean it, wander away quickly before Scorpio catches on or it will go ugly. Very ugly. Just make sure that before you do, you keep your slate clean with Scorp or they will come to find you to finish that conversation. Closure is a must for Scorpio, and also for your own karma as well as intuitive Scorpio does not take being burned well. If there is any sign capable of putting a hex on you, it would be this one, so tread lightly.


As the mutable fire sign, Sagittarius needs constant adventure. They need constant stimulation and excitement, so if you feel your Sag is burning out, that might be why. Try something new to get back in their good books. And if a bout of lazy has got you down lately, that may also be why Sagittarius is a little annoyed. Get your mojo going and plan something fun to give your Sag another reason to fall in love with you all over again. If Sagittarius knows how driven you are, that will be a huge turn on for them in the end.


Capricorn is the cardinal Earth Sign, they are successful and very hardworking. Thus, the opposite of those traits will be very irritating to Cap, and they just don’t have time for it. Earth Signs are the real ones, and so anything fake or seemingly inauthentic is not going to work very well for you with your Capricorn. Just be real! Capricorn is also very classy, and so anything lower in status or considered tacky or gauche will be a huge turn off for Capricorn. Thank your server when Cap takes you out to dinner, and even smile and show off your elegant side if you want another date with Capricorn.


As an Air Sign Aquarius has the bad rap of being a little cold and aloof. Don’t take Aquarius lack of emotions personally though; being aloof isn’t an indicator they are turned off. What will turn an Aquarius off however is the word No, with Aquarius you need to be willing to try anything once. Aquarius is also very intelligent, one of the highest intelligences out there. So if you say something a little on the not so smart side of things turns on the news and ask Aquarius to cuddle and this will warm things up in the right direction.


As the mutable Water Sign, Pisces and their emotions can be a little all over the place. However Pisces is famous for hiding in their cave when they get upset. They often do this when they are pressured to commit, or pressured to do anything really. Pisces likes to make choices about their life on their own without this pressure. Pisces is also sensitive, so if you said something a little off color and your Pisces took off to their cave, send them the appropriate apology and all will be well in good time. As a mutable sign, Pisces needs an open minded partner as well. If you err on the stubborn side, this will also be a huge turn off for this fish.

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Veronika Prielozna, in a dance with all zodiac signs

The source of wisdom: Kathrine, astrologist