happiness flow

Expressing Happiness

When we tap into the flow of true happiness, we become a beacon for others to do the same. As we practice sustaining our connection to this infinite source of inner joy we access the uplifting support of happiness no matter what may be happening around us. We are now empowered to shift the state we are in by choosing to pause for a moment as we find our way back to the flow of positivity. As we live mindfully responsive to life, choosing to access and express our inner joy, we affect a larger circle of people than we can know.

As others are exposed to your happiness, they have the opportunity to open to it, receive it, and effortlessly pass it on. Each moment we have the ability to say yes to happiness. Lead the way and watch the world around you transform!


I radiate happiness and generosity of spirit. (second chakra)


Om Bhuvaha
I express my happiness into the world.

Veronika Prielozna, MA in the  flow of day

The source of wisdom: Ayurveda, Dr. D. Chopra