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It’s been a tough month—April 2014 — from astrology, with a total lunar eclipse, a partial solar eclipse, the Grand Cardinal Cross, and then all of the normal every day stuff! So let’s take a little switch from all of this heavy energy and cover another topic that I know is very important to all of you: soul connections, twin flames, and soul mates.

Part 1

magic is in us


There are seven stages of a twin flame — your light development. In case, we allow the evolution process of your soul to take you on the journey, and learn from it. It is my hope that by so doing, you will feel that much more comforted about your own LIFE STORY of unconditional love.

Stage One: Recognition and Awakening


arch light desert

This stage is simply the Ah-Hah moment of realizing the twin flame experience even exists. This can happen with one or both twins simultaneously, or at separate times. But this moment can not occur without these two souls meeting in this physical world. So this will often happen on a first date, or a chance meeting such as in the grocery store or at your Nona’s 90th birthday party. You leave the first date or chance meeting feeling like the other person spent the entire time finishing your sentences. There are a lot of little things that happen that seem like the strangest coincidences.

Psychologist Carl Jung termed those things “synchronicities” which literally means, meaningful coincidences. I may have already shared the story of the girl who went on a date after 50 bad ones and told her girlfriend beforehand that if this guy didn’t know who Plato was, she was done with dating for forever by the appetizer. So you can imagine her surprise when her date asked her over appetizer’s if she was familiar with Plato’s “Form and Function Theory”. When these synchronicities occur, and the twins recognize something special is happening, the heart chakras open simultaneously and will continue to be so during this physical lifetime.

Stage Two: The Test

ocean in me

In this stage, the honeymoon period of the relationship is over. While there is still much swooning over each other, the Self begins to emerge within each personality, and within each twin. There is less and less “us” and “we” conversations, and more and more “I” conversations from one or both twins. In many cases this is when the other twin begins to fret, because they are twins and can feel this pulling away. This would be the time when pressure to commit, or establish what society considers a conventional relationship such as marriage or engagement would be broached. Conflict is inevitable because this is the test. Both twins are being forced to evaluate what their love is, and what it should be.

The primary purpose of this stage is to test the commitment level of both twins on the validity of this unconditional love. So there will be a lot of past pain cropping up with both twins, and both will have to deal with it individually in their own unique ways, according to their own unique purpose. See, even though both twins are heading in the same direction as far as love is concerned, they both each have their own individual lives, karmic paths, and journeys to follow. Clean karmic paths will be required for both twins. This test then will be for the twins to learn individually, while simultaneously. What karmic housekeeping needs to be done?

Stage Three: The Crisis

Purification of soul

The crisis stage is an uncomfortable one, not going to lie. At this point, one or both of the twins realizes that their karmic housekeeping needs a LOT of work. Or all of a sudden those synchronicities stop coming, or their faith is tested, or any amount of life crises could hit them all at once and suddenly love is the last thing they can think about. This stage is ripe with fear and anxiety for both twins. Remember, one always feels what the other is feeling. Dreams will become nightmares, and you may even communicate with each other through your dreams. Information that you are too afraid to leave with each other until this time will be revealed by each other in your dreams as well. In this stage, fear takes precedence and is very seldom fought through. It eventually leads to a crisis and a turning point, and often the first of many breakups for this couple. The purpose of this stage then is for both twins to individually take stock of their role in the making and the breaking of the unconditional love bonds.

During this stage is when both realize those bonds can’t be broken, and most twins realize that they can’t live without the other. That’s another reason why this stage can be so painful. The living without each other is inevitable, and important part of the process, but some may not even want to ever see this person again, but they know when this crisis occurs that there will probably be nothing they can even do to stop that. It’s a heavy feeling to realize you are with your soul mate when life just isn’t convenient for you to do so. So the purpose of this stage is to experience the level of pain required to understand deep love. The upside? If you didn’t hurt this badly, enough for two people experiencing heartbreak at the same time, then it wouldn’t be a soul connected and destined love.

Stage Four: The Running Stage


running away

And here we have one of the most common stages of them all, and one that most people who have identified their twin can identify with. Many people confuse this stage with the crisis stage, but the running stage cannot occur without the crisis first. This will certainly feel like a crisis point for both twins however, although they both have been feeling the pinch of this union for some time. In this stage, one twin can’t handle it and runs. The ego is fearing annihilation here with the thought of a possible union, it can look like commitment phobia, emotional unavailability, there are a lot of terms for this experience. For the twin that runs, a deep seeded pain rises up, and many of their worst emotions do as well. Anger, punishment, defiance, defensiveness, judgement, and the most painful one of all, resistance.

Best case scenario here is that only one twin is feeling these things, but likely both are flooded with this emotional hurricane. This eventually leads one or both of them to withdraw from the other, which in turn, causes one to chase the other, an equally painful experience as they are met with unrelenting resistance. The purpose of this stage than is to teach both twins that Universe is in command here, and it is time to put it in the hands of the Higher Powers, and not…try so hard to control our destiny. This stage is not successfully completed until both twins have come to this awareness. For some, it may not happen in this lifetime, for others, it happens very quickly. Each twin has their own unique path. The quickest way to get through this stage, is to release judgment, also the most difficult way. Remember that your twin feels what you feel and think, so you need to release judgment if you want them to come back. If they feel your anger or resentment, they will stay away, because unconditional love is what makes this union work.

to be continued….SOON!

Veronika Prielozna,MA in reflecting on her own life

The source of wisdom: Kathrine, astrologist