Self-expression is an integral part of spiritual growth—it’s is an extension of the way we approach life and look at the world. If we experience the world through the filter of anxiety, fear, frustration, and dread, then our expression will also be filtered through those same negative emotions. To create life-affirming expression, we need to observe, acknowledge, and shift these old emotional patterns.

stone towel

We can open the flow of expression and communication by activating the fifth energy center, also known as the throat chakra. During our time together, we will open to our natural state of positive self-expression . . .  by doing so we begin to transform our inner reality. When communication comes from your core self—your pure voice—it is simple, kind, understanding, and appreciative. In this flow of expression, you are able to share your true self with the world in thought, speech, and action.


My life energy expresses its truth.


Om Shakini Namaha
I activate my creativity.

Veronika Prielozna, MA in expressing her truth

The source of wisdom: Ayurveda, Dr. D. Chopra