In this time of my life, backpacking and wandering around is gone like yesterday’s news; at the present, I am choosing more classy style to reflect on my becoming after all years of my soul traveling.


Art of being Lady Bug on way

Firstly, count it all, your gains and losses, face your summary and be OK with minus portfolio in the beginning. Don’t compare your starting point to someone else’s halfway. Don’t be too brainy. It’s a lot easier to be dauntless if you don’t know everything. Be a fan of the cool chicks, find your good traveling ladies club and get pumped on some power lady tunes. Surround yourself with people who inspire and support the progress of becoming the upgraded version of you. Trust your instincts and hunches. Your heart might play tricks and your brain might want to take another turn, but your guiding lights in your guts gut is always there.

Release your inner mermaid; avoid shallow living and speech and nourish your thirst for new experiences, discovery and learning. The courageous may not live eternally, but the careful kinds don’t live at all.

Kill your ordinarily existence,  hassle with confidence, and be the one that can’t be tamed. Dream, write it down and prepare to make your journey. Daily! Do it happen by focusing on every details (money, travel arrangement and taxi ride…) A step by step you will get there. Positivity is the founding stone of courage. There might be crappy days, but those don’t make a lousy life. The ones that learn to flash their teeth in the pouring rain are the ones that the sun keeps rewarding.


And lastly, SMILE…..and send a postcard to yourself to remember that it was YOU who made it happen and your soul with soar away with new wings ….

“WHAT ABOUT YOU, where would like to fly?” Drop me a line, thanks.

Veronika Prielozna, MA in her LADY BUG form