APTOPIX Ring Of Fire Eclipse

APRIL DRAMATIC MOON MOVEMENTS: 100% Lunar Eclipse + Full Moon in Libra on April 15th and a Partial Solar Eclipse + New Moon in Taurus on April 29th bring the “unexpected” that much faster when our emotions climax and cause us to act on what we feel.

The 100% Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Libra bring testy situations to a head and you must either choose, or let universe decide. But justice will be carried out by making sure you get what you clear on what you are absolutely sure about doing, being, and learning. You leave these cosmic events knowing without a doubt what you do/don’t like, want/don’t want, will/won’t take from others in behavior or interactions. It is also about new beginnings and addressing what has been holding you back from moving forward in a new direction. For love, this means leaving one way of dating and beginning a completely different kind of meeting others who meet spiritual and sexual needs, first and all else last. There has to be a physical and metaphysical connection going on for any relationship to stand the test of the absolute.

This is why this is called the TWIN FLAME MATING SEASON because these are the kinds of relationship levels we are transiting.

UNIVERSE IS GIVING BIRTH to new generations of thinkers, creators, and innovators to lead the way into the World of Tomorrow – today. We are learning how to get along and talk through differences because we know intuitively this is the best route to take. Aries is also very physical and combative when egos are tested for territory and domination. But is this the best way to think?

Think about it would you like someone to walk in your house and start running your life, bossing you around, and telling you what you’ll be doing instead allow you to choose it? No! The same goes globally and individually. Aries has one of the biggest hearts and love to care for those who are tired, lonely, and without a good home. They provide “hearth” or an eternal flame of kindness. Are you going out of your way to help others and be a sweetheart? Even when others do nasty things to you? Than chances are you have a great deal of Aries or Aries’ compatible zodiac placements in your natal chart. This is great because it also shows you are ready for fame, fortune, and light working on levels unknown to man as universe directly connects to “us” via our Higher Self.

Light & Darkness

April is about getting to know the “HIGHER SELF” – the superstar inside of you. This is the best and most natural being of self, and the most powerful. Just like Aries the Ram charges after what it wants with full heart-felt force so Higher Self demands you pay attention to what you are absolutely sure is beneficial and do them. We are changing over from being too relaxed to getting in to the gym to work on our bodies and get more in oneness to universe.

fire hug

You meet or have met someone new who really rung your bells intellectually as shown by the Gemini duality of Twin Flame awareness mentally, the Libran duality of creativity or cleverness spiritually, and the emotional compatibility of Pisces that creates “an open mind and heart” to flow into “oneness” – universe. These three signs are the only dual signs in our zodiac and they show how we become absolutely sure about “ANYTHING AND ANYONE”.

Veronika Prielozna, MA with spring excitement

The source of wisdom: Katherine – planetary guide