Rainbow on my way home. Victoria, BC

Rainbow on my way home. Victoria, BC

Monday and Tuesday, Moon in Aries questions Pluto. Are you practical in bringing from to ideals? All successful undertakings require good planning of “form” whether starting a business, hosting a special event, or making major $$$. Moon yields to Venus. A friend puts you on the right track with good advice.
Moon and Juno transit Aries. Money frees up. Do the math before endorsing anything. Be open and involved in working with new groups of people. Moon in Taurus blends Neptune. Nurture blues away with creative activities like crafts, music, arts, or writing.

Wednesday – Sun, Uranus, Mars (R), Neptune and Mercury interact. Give creative ideas a shot by sharing with people who match how you “think”. Moon, Pluto, Mercury, and Saturn (R) conclude. Need inner peace? Clear cobweb feelings via meditation, Guardian Angel research, yoga, Reiki, or Higher Self meditations. Thursday – Venus, Uranus and Ceres (R) agree. Direct energy where it benefits you. Work is more productive when you add music. Take daily walks, consume more green vegetables/juices, and water. Mercury and Saturn (R) talk. Psychic awareness peaks. Decide what’s best for you. Focus on the person you want to “be” and commit.

Friday – Moon in Gemini, Venus, Mercury, and Pluto dance. Pray for the absolute right people to be sent to you. The same goes in love. Stop suffering divine discontent. Consider “love” candidates from other cultures. Moon, Neptune, Uranus, and Sun all debate. What does “heart” want? Two vie for your affections and one is a lost Twin Flame.

Weekend – Moon in Cancer, Mercury, Vesta, Sun, Chiron, Ceres all talk. Venus enters Pisces. Pallas retrograde in Leo until April 11th. Boost financial flows. Add spiritual benefits – e.g. astrology. Harness power of imagination to manifest – items on personal bucket list. The more joy you create, the more energy universe channels to you as “good luck, karma, and potentiality”.