Solar view new Mexico
Remember that it is not that day alone that you can harvest this exciting energy, which is why we are giving you a heads up WELL in advance.

Generally speaking, the new beginnings that occur under New Moons are thought born. New Moons are not high action periods, but periods where growth or new beginnings is considered and reflected on. Decisions made under New Moons and wishes and intentions set under New Moons are thus very powerful. This New Moon is a little different. Wishes and intentions are indeed powerful now, but follow those up with action! If you are wishing for love, make the wish, and then send a saucy text to the person you thought about during that wish for example. Set the intention, and then act on it. Every small act has power to reap significant rewards.
New Moons are dark periods of the month, the darkest in fact. The Moon is shedding the least amount of light on the planet. This means, don’t expect clarity to come during this period, this is why this New Moon is about action. Use the energy to act on your impulses, since you can’t see the entire picture right now.
The bigger you think, the better. Remember that you are talking about Aries, and Aries doesn’t go small in anything. You can take small steps and still see progress, but why go small if Aries is letting you go big this time? Large amounts of courage reap large rewards, and vice versa with the small leaps of faith. Start small, work your way up to bigger wishes, and actions, with every day you get to enjoy this New Moon.
Trial and error will come into play during this period, so don’t be discouraged if at first you don’t succeed. Aries is about seeing things through, and success is built on learning from previous mistakes. There is no map to follow under the darkness of the New Moon, so follow that instinct.
Be yourself and be happy about it. For once. This is not a time to second guess yourself, or doubt yourself, or point out your flaws. Aries does not have time for that. So what if you aren’t tall enough or you aren’t as energetic as your work colleague whose pitches always go to the top? Who cares. You have other talents. Shake what your mama gave ya and show the world how awesome you are. Stop comparing yourself to others, because you aren’t others. You are you. Which is awesome.

  • This New Moon is also going to launch an eclipse season of sorts coming up in April and May. While this is not an eclipse Moon, this IS the last New Moon before we get those. And those will be epic turning points as well. So there is no better time than the present to create change today, that can be manifested and grown upon later in the year when those eclipses occur. If you have been waiting for a big change to come, and feel like you are on the cusp of it, get to work on it now because the next few months can truly bring all of that together for all zodiac signs.

Create 10 wishes for this New Moon and practice them like it is nobody’s business during each day we have the New Moon energy. Remember what I said, with every wish, create an action plan. So, Wish 1, increase my money flow. Step 1, sign up 5 new clients or apply to 5 different places within 30 days. Get the picture? Intentions will create magic, but you can’t just wait for them, you have to see them through.
Get up and do it. I can’t stress enough, you have to actually follow through. This is an action oriented New Moon, and even the lazier folks will have the energy to get something done. So make your list, and…then go do it! Tickety boo check off each item as you do, every day during this New Moon. And that’s all you need, information that can help all of the zodiac signs harness all of the powerful action oriented energy during this Fiery New Moon in Action oriented Aries. Remember, the energy is there for you to DO it, even though the light of the Moon will be low. You may not always be able to see where you are going, and that’s where faith, courage, and your get it done attitude will see you to the end.
So tell me, what changes are you about to create in your life under this New Moon in Aries? I can’t wait to find out!
Veronika Prielozna, MA in creating her New Moon Wish list
The source of wisdom: Katherina, astrologer from http://astrologyanswers.com/