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pieces symbolThe New Moon will occur on March 1, 2014. It is always the time to reset our intentions and begin anew; the energy is intensified and supported by having both the Sun and the Moon in the same sign. It is time for something new. Therefore, I will use this amazing energy to launch my eBook: KITCHEN FANTASTICO: Rebuilding a new life after losing job to touch lives of other souls who need to be inspired by hearing my own transformational  family story. Boosting this energy into the collective level is greatly aided by having Neptune in its ruling sign of Pisces.  Neptune hasn’t been in its own sign for 165 years – about the time it was ‘discovered’ and brought into our awareness. 

“As we are beckoned into the watery, nebulous world of Pisces, we are invited to give over to the infinite energy of the Divine Feminine. 

“Pisces rules the vastness of the oceans, the humble feet as they touch the Earth, the deep compassion that can encompass all the suffering of the world, the world without boundaries of our dreams, and all experience of our conglomerate of past lives – our karma, if you will. 

“Pisces represents the completion of the zodiac wheel, and what do we find at the end of the cycle?  Our spirituality, unity, merging with something greater than our selves, surrender of our self-importance, and compassion for each one we encounter as they engage the wheel of life and all its lessons and gifts. 

“Now, as a group, we don’t go to this place easily, so Pisces has the help of the large, gaseous planet, Neptune.  Neptune dissolves, confuses, and makes the energy feel nebulous, vague and unidentifiable.  This loosens our strong tendencies to lead with our analytical, overcome linear minds and give over to the great mysteries of life – love, synchronicity, miracles, déjà vu, art, intuition, healing…”

 “Chiron is in Pisces, too (2011-2019) encouraging us to go ahead, dig even a layer deeper into unconscious patterns, showing us how we have gotten too comfortable with our well-known and obviously ancient patterns that keep us in separation from All That Is.  Let those just be dissolved.  Release!

“As we flip from February 28 to March 1 with the New Moon right near that midnight hour, we are experiencing a LOT of planetary reshuffling and changes in direction:

Mercury goes direct Feb 28

Mars goes retrograde Mar 1

Saturn goes retrograde Mar 2

Jupiter goes direct March 6

“That’s a noticeable amount of shifto/chango.  When planets change direction (going retrograde or direct) their energy is intensified because they are essentially at a standstill.  When you get so many, it can be disorienting or loosening of the usual constructs and realities we carry.  So, BE FLUID, GO WITH THE FLOW, STAY BUOYANT, INVITE IN THE MYSTERIOUS.

New Moon Blessing for everybody under our Moon!

Veronika Prielozna, MA in preparation for a New Moon

The source of wisdom: Pat Liles