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What are the secrets behind your own personal numerology? Start to unlock those today!

For starters, understanding what Numerology IS, is well understood by also knowing what it ISN’T. Numerology is not Math. There is some very simple math in the way of addition involved in the study of numerology, but that math is not what it’s about. Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers. Everything from the way that numbers are shaped to where they appear in our life has meaning as discovered in the secrets of numerology. The number on your house for example is a powerful number that can even predict changes in your life, while you live in that house! Other important numbers are your birth date, the numbers in your name, and many more.

Everything is connected! Numerology is seen in the Tarot, in the degrees of separation between the planets in the galaxy, and even in your name! When did the study of numerology begin? In the beginning of time, because all beings and life forms have a numerical value to their existence. But the truth about the real study of Numerology is that it truly began over ten thousand years ago in the ancient days of Egypt and Babylon. Today in the twenty-first century we have a contemporary way of organizing numerology, but its secrets were revealed centuries ago when numbers first began to be understood.

How Does it Work?

Numerology works by adding up all of the numbers in a given situation, person, or experience, and developing a quantum vibration that those numbers represent. In other words, each number in the universe has its own unique vibration. 1 for example vibrates at a very exciting frequency. Winners are considered “number one!”, everyone always wants the FIRST row at a concert or presentation, and who doesn’t want to be told by their lover they are “#1″ in their books? This is the leadership and excellence embodied by the number one alone. Every other number after that has its own unique vibration and meaning! When you break down the vibrations in a person’s name, birth date, or even their street address, in numerology you will wind up with a one digit number that will help define that person, address, or birth date, and their path to success! The most common ways to do that today are through the development of your Life Path Number.

Numerology as sacred numbers can help on your soul pathways.

Veronika Prielozna, MA in discovering hers numbers

The source of wisdom: Katherine – numerologist