springtimeEverything in nature is coming alive.

The Sun is gaining strength and the days are longer and warmer. It is time to throw off the restraints of Winter and reach out for what we want, make plans, journey forth, take risks. The Earth’s energies are now blended. Celebrate the dance of life, of Gaia – interdependent complementary parts of one energy system which we can embrace on our journey to become whole.

Festival of balance and awakening is here.  The outer and inner worlds, light and dark, are equal and balanced. This happens twice a year and they provide the opportunity for us to work with this integration within ourselves.

The Equinoxes fall at the beginning of two seasonal changes: Spring with its promise of Summer, and Autumn with its promise of Winter. Everything is beginning to move fast at this time. Use these points as a focus for the direction you wish to go. This means you will meet the new season prepared and clear.

Veronika Prielozna, MA in a time of Spring

The source of wisdom: Glennie Kindred