virgo-strength-the-zodiac“Virgo’s symbol is ‘the Virgin’ in the sense of whole onto itself, focused inward toward inner wisdom and self-analysis.  The Virgin holding the sheaf of wheat represents the discriminating ability to separate the ‘wheat from the chaff’ – what is essential, what is not useful…”

“Virgo is ‘the Helper’, ‘the right hand man’, ‘the Perfectionist’, the Cromwell to Henry the Eighth.  Of course, too much of a good thing leads Virgo to worry, get lost in the details, and lose the big picture and then control and criticalness take over.  Not fun.  Luckily, Pisces’ compassion, sensitivity and forgiveness are the perfect balancing energy bestowed from Virgo’s opposite sign.

“The asteroid goddess, Vesta also holds ruler-ship of Virgo along with Mercury.  In this magnificent Full Moon chart, we see both Mercury and Vesta involved in a Mystic Rectangle formation along with Pallas Athena (denoting our creative intelligence, wisdom, justice) and the South Node (what from the past we would like to transmute in this lifetime).

“This benevolent and harmonious formation grants the very real opportunity to bring your creative ideas into manifestation.  We have been blessed with this formation over the last several moons, as if offering the opportunity to powerfully align our bodies/minds/spirits with the energies now opening to us before we are tested by the challenging astrology of late April.  Magnanimous support is being offered for our evolution ~ personally and collectively.

“Now as the Moon comes into fullness work with the polarity of strengthening your connection and trust in Spirit while you take those practical steps necessary to bring your plans into fruition.  Bring into high focus the truth that every thought you put your powerful attention and intention on is coming into manifestation and you will be using this fire/air Mystic Rectangle energy well.”

Veronika Prielozna, MA in preparation for a dance with Virgo

The source of wisdom: Pat Liles