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ocean in meAs Divine Harmony says “Finding balance between the DOING that the world demands of us and the BEING that our Souls and Spirits need to feel fulfilled is the work right now. Be sure to take time to give yourself a breather in the coming days. When things get hot under the collar or chaotic- know that this, too, shall pass!”

“The New Moon in Pisces at 10° 39′ degrees is one that quenches the thirst for feeling a sense of renewal beyond the physical senses.  It suggests a time for receiving the symbolic nectar of the Gods/Divine or Spiritual rejuvenation through silence, stillness and most of all Beingness. It may be also experienced within meditative space as if you are receiving a gentle stream of peacefulness, compassion inspiration as well as healing. 

 “New moon phase is a ‘seed point’ symbolism which suggests a time to start fresh or place loving intention within the subconscious. Pisces is a water element and is a mutual mode of expression of energy. It is very adaptable and flexible when necessary…”“The New Moon in Pisces brings your full attention to the core of you. You, as Soul as Essence are peace itself. From you, peacefulness radiates into your life and all that you are a part of. So don’t wait for peace or force it, rather, be it.

“The message of the New Moon in Pisces is to be dreamy, know yourself as a magical Spiritual being and an expression of love and compassion. Allow yourself to drift into the silent realm of imagination and serenity…”

“There are major shifts happening before and after the New Moon in Pisces. February 28th, Mercury in Aquarius went Direct motion suggesting communications, thinking and information flow moving more outward again after few weeks of slowing down. This brings a wonderful objectivity to the otherwise subjective feel of the New Moon in Pisces. “A fresh new perspective on working with New Moon and Full Moon phases is that of emotional rhythms rather than getting caught up in ‘manifesting.’ Each day one is able to create and bring things into reality. So to get caught up in focusing on the ‘manifesting’ part of the lunar phase, one loses the bigger perspective and other major astrological cycles that also help one to produce, materialize and brings things to fruition.”

“…Consider the possibility that the New Moon in Pisces is a time of quietly gathering energy, Spiritual connection and enjoying the state of being. This is a helpful balance to otherwise doing, acting and moving mode that everyone tends to operate in.

“Transiting Jupiter in Cancer retrograde makes a wonderful connection to the New Moon in Pisces signifying an expansive feeling of optimism and compassion. It is a time to increase and cultivate more of that. By being attentive to feelings and the insights emotions bring, each is able to over come challenges in a positive way.”

Veronika Prielozna, MA in learning of a New Moon flow

Wisdom source: Dipali Desai