retreat 3 042 Acts of betrayal occur as easily as turning on the Internet. You promise to keep your word and oops…the circumstances made you do it.  You hold others accountable for acts of betrayal, never reviewing your own actions.  It’s the same story for most people.

Acts of self-betrayal are just as bad and in some ways, worse.  You put yourself into situations that you know are not good for you. You do things, say things, eat things that you know are harmful.  You stay married to someone you don’t love and it never occurs to you that the other person probably doesn’t love you either.  What are you doing in such a situation?

People stay in jobs in which they are miserable and then they tell themselves one lie after another: I will leave as soon as the children grow up; as soon as the market changes; as soon as politicians become honest.

Here’s what’s true: Acts of betrayal to yourself and to others will occur so long as you have an uncertainty about your own habitus maximus/ SOUL AND HEART.  Your own habits of your heart are spiritual titanium from which you decide your values, your character, your way of being in the world with yourself and with others. The absence of these leaves a person vacant and vulnerable to swaying in response to whatever obstacle stands before that person. You become a person without a backbone, a person who fears the challenges of life because you are uncertain of what you will do – not because you are afraid of what life will do.  It is you that you do not trust and therefore trusting anyone becomes impossible. Likewise, trusting you is something others will always find a high risk move on the chest board of life.

Wisdom source: Carolyn Myss