Wonderful summary of Indian life in 10 points. It brought me back to my Indian memories. I will add beauty of sari and endless sound in the background, far away from a place to meditate as I thought it would be….it was a place of vivid life.

Tanushree Srivastava

  1. Indians fold their hands in ‘Namaste’ as the gesture Namaste represents the belief that there is a Divine spark within each of us that is located in the heart chakra. The gesture is an acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul in another. “Nama” means bow, “as” means I, and “te” means you. Therefore, Namaste literally means “bow me you” or “I bow to you.”
  2. India is the only country that gave birth to four major religions in the world –  Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. Christianity and Islam were later introduced and followed.
  3. The art of making medicines was established in India, 2500 years ago, much before any other country. Sushruta along with his team conducted complicated surgeries like cataract, artificial limbs, cesarean, fractures, urinary stones, plastic surgery and brain surgeries, 2600 year ago when nobody could imagine such miracles of science.
  4. The much popularized Yoga in…

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