Tantric KissValentine’s day is coming to our lives and new way of celebration of love is in the air.I am pulled to yoga partnership with my soul and my husband more and more.

What is yoga? Perhaps the “union” is really the practice of connection, the discipline of relationship.

I believe that yoga is a profound spiritual practice, one that I have devoted many years to and will continue to invest in for my entire life. However, I am realizing now that another spiritual practice is taking center stage as the most sacred path for my personal evolution.

Any philosophically seasoned student on the yogic path has some knowledge of Patanjali and his Yoga Sutras. The depth of wisdom within this text is unmatched and serves as a guide for the study of the mind and a template for living yoga in everyday life. The purpose of the Yoga Sutras is “self-realization” by means of transcendence. Meaning that once the true “self” is liberated of everything that is not the “self,” it transcends worldly nature and resides in pure consciousness.

Relationships come in many forms: intimate connections, friendships, broken relationships, acquaintances, co-workers, and so on. Often there is friction between the parties involved that causes tension and misunderstandings. This tension can manifest in any number of ways. You might teach a yoga class and have a student (or many) who hated every word you said and cringed at every pose you brought them into. You might end a long-term relationship because you no longer see eye to eye, you don’t share the same values, or you don’t speak the same language.

Perhaps equally as often there are seamless connections where you feel as if you have known someone for many lifetimes — soul-level connections that are mysterious and unexplainable.

The beautiful thing about those exchanges  — the easy and the painful — is that we are all, by simply being our most authentic selves, dropping “seeds” into each others’ lives. Some of these seeds will bloom right away, while others might take months or even years to unfurl their offerings. We are all little gardeners in one another’s plots of experience, fertilizing, planting, and raking each other’s realities.

It is hard work being yourself and feeling like there are so many souls you meet along the way who just don’t “get” you or who don’t like you. Many times I think it would be so easy to take all the spiritual teachings from all the books and all the teachers and go sit on the top of a mountain and exist in an undisturbed, enlightened state. But the most important — and most difficult — part about assimilating these disciplines is putting them into practice in our relationships.

We all serve a great purpose to each person that comes into our path. Be brave and always be you — you never know what seed of potential you will plant for someone who they will thank you for later. And remember, whenever you are turned off by someone else, there is a teaching, a lesson, something to take away and use in the garden of your life.

Veronika Prielozna, MA in a week of Valentine

Photo Credit : PandaWhale.com    

Source of wisdom: Nichole Golden