External crossroads are obvious: job changes, moving, marriage, birth of a child, divorce, decision to make major financial investments, relationship problems, illness, loss, personal trauma – the list of both positive and challenging crossroads, of course, is endless. And there is nothing simple or easy about any of these crossroads. Let’s consider these the “macro-crossroads”, the one’s that play out in front of our eyes.

crossroadsOur interior crossroads, or “micro-crossroads”, function on the psychic plane. This is the crossroads in which we confront our conflicts with ourselves, with the two paths of right and wrong, good and evil, ethical and unethical, truth or lie, betrayal or honesty, selfishness or generosity, judgment or compassion, optimism or pessimism, hope or despair. We find ourselves psychically at these crossroads countless times each day in the privacy of our heart and mind, but the truth is nothing about the consequences of the decisions made in our hearts or minds is private at all.

Each of the decisions we make that we think is private turns into a choice that in turn becomes some expression of an action. And every action generates a consequence.

The macro-crossroads of our lives are created by the activity generated by our micro-crossroads – one small choice at a time. Each choice we make empowers or energizes the reality in which we live. We may dismiss a negative choice as inconsequential but that is only because we still do not comprehend the creative power of every choice we release into this universe. Imagine that every decision you make becomes an email that you send into the Internet with the address: To Everyone. Thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes are messengers and magnets.

Source of wisdom: Carolyn Myss