life as reflection in your eyes“Years ago, the thought was introduced into our society that “we create our own reality.” That’s an outrageously huge concept.

It is a truth, in fact, of cosmic proportions; however, it is one that requires an extraordinary amount of reflection. We don’t exactly “create” the whole of our reality.

After all, if we actually could pull that off, we would all be retired, healthy, and happy as larks on a soft wind. So let’s just agree that we influence our “personal reality” and that’s the extent of our power.

However, what that means is that each of us essentially lives in his or her own reality. You see things you way and I see them my way. And that’s that. Therein lies the reason why all great spiritual masters have taught that regardless of what you or I believe to be true about our personal lives – emphasis on the word personal – it’s an illusion.

We can, however, ascend to the realm in which cosmic truth applies equally to both of us and indeed to all of us. That is not an illusion; that is the way it is.”


Wisdom Source: Carolyn Myss, as my teacher