Prosperity Consciousness:

maa-lakshmiWhether you know it or not, you create your own reality. Your thoughts attract to you whatever things or experience you focus them on. In other words, whatever you think about is what you invite into your experience.

This law of nature applies to what you don’t want as well; in other words, if you are focused on sorrow, or worried about your future, these unwanted things are being attracted to you, just as the things you desire are attracted to you.

The achievement of Prosperity Consciousness, in which you no longer center your attention on what you don’t want to experience in life, is not an impossible dream. It is really a simple thing that can be done by anyone of any age.

There are two main steps to cultivating Prosperity Consciousness and attracting the things that you really want in life.The first is to understand that thoughts attract experiences of a similar nature. The second is to know that the key to enhancing prosperity consciousness lies not in trying to control your thoughts, but in being sensitive to how you feel.

All human beings face similar obstacles to achieving both of these steps, despite the  culture or economic status that they are a part of. These obstacles that lie buried in the“collective unconscious” take on many forms, but can be grouped into central ideas. The central ideas can be associated with different vibrational levels, and are learned behaviors of thought, not what we, as unique souls, are “meant” to experience.

Yes, we are all unique, but we do attract to ourselves certain of these behaviors that are in tune with our inner state, as reflected in our outer state and our individual history and experience. We constantly broadcast thoughts and feelings into the universe, and the vast majority of them are built on the foundations of our values and beliefs, some of which are in tune with Prosperity Consciousness, and some of which are not. Because the negative “behaviors” of thought that stand in the way of achieving Your Unique Prosperity Power.

Prosperity Consciousness are learned, they can be unlearned, and unlearning them is simply a matter of tuning into your Energetic Guidance system…...to be continued!

Veronika Prielozna, MA in playing with numbers and prosperity

Source of wisdom: Your Unique Prosperity Power Signature (c) Copyright 2013