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My love for reading archetype continue introducing others around my own soul table. If you need to refresh your memory, please  read part I and II, previous posts.



queen_of_cupsBesides having a rulership position in a court, the Queen represents power and authority in all women. Symbolically, her court can be anything from a corporation to her home. The image of the Dark or Evil Queen has been largely represented by male authors of fairy tales and folklore as a wicked, dark force. The Queen archetype is also associated with arrogance and a defensive posture that is symbolic of a need to protect one’s personal and emotional power. Queens are rarely portrayed as having a trustworthy support system; instead, they are lonely figures surrounded by a court filled with potential traitors, rivals, and back-stabbers. Challenges related to control, personal authority and leadership play a primary role in forming the lessons of personal development that are inherent to this archetype. The benevolent Queen uses her authority to protect those in her court, and sees her own empowerment enhanced by her relationships and experience. The shadow Queen can slip into aggressive and destructive patterns of behavior, particularly when she perceives that her authority or capacity to maintain control over the court is being challenged. The Ice Queen rules with a cold indifference to the genuine needs of others–whether material or emotional. The Queen Bee is a mixed image–the astonishing ability to power the entire hive without leaving her “chamber,” yet at the cost of enslaving the rest of her community. I vibrate the most with the Queen Bee in my soul nest.


sabouterArchetype is made up of the fears and issues related to low self-esteem that cause you to make choices in life that block your own empowerment and success. As with the Victim and Prostitute, you need to face this powerful archetype that we all possess and make it an ally. When you do, you will find that it calls your attention to situations in which you are in danger of being sabotaged, or of sabotaging yourself. Once you are comfortable with the Saboteur, you learn to hear and heed these warnings, saving yourself untold grief from making the same mistakes over and over. Ignore it, and the shadow Saboteur will manifest in the form of self-destructive behavior or the desire to undermine. This archetype definitely is in me sitting on my right shoulder as a rag doll asking me: “How dare you even think that you will be successful with your healing work, a poor immigrant?”


tincek-marincekThis archetype refers to one who searches on a path that may begin with earthly curiosity but has at its core the search for God and/or enlightenment. Unlike the Mystic, which has the Divine as its sole focus, the Seeker is in search of wisdom and truth wherever it is to be found. The shadow side of the archetype is the “lost soul,” someone on an aimless journey without direction, ungrounded, disconnected from goals and others. Seeker as a Wonder is a part of my passion for traveling and seeking healing arts all over the world. It is allowing me to sit with aboriginal people in a healing circle and be one of them no matter what the tribe’s ritual is presented.




Archetype suggests a pattern of constant learning, an openness to absorb new information as an essential part of one’s well-being. The Student archetype suggests an absence of mastery of any one subject but rather a continual pursuit of intellectual development. Within the spiritual aspect, the Student, Disciple, Devotee, and Follower imply that one has found a source of teaching, such as a Guru or Spiritual Master, who becomes the instructor and spiritual guide.

The shadow Student usually manifests in tandem with the shadow Teacher or Mentor, avidly learning all the tools of the wrong trade or misusing the knowledge learned. This was graphically depicted in Walt Disney’s animated imagining of Paul Dukes’ “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” in Fantasia, in which Mickey Mouse portrays the Student Wizard who gets carried away with his own unperfected talent and causes havoc. The shadow can also show up as the eternal Student who never embarks on the sea of life in earnest, but manages to find ever new reasons to continue being schooled without ever putting that knowledge to the test. People who continually use the excuse that they are not ready or have not yet learned enough to advance with their dreams should take special note of this archetype and whether they have a shadow bond with it. I am a lifelong student of life sitting in a global classroom with my student archetype next to me.

I hope these archetypes spoke to you directly, so you can enjoy meeting  them; one day, if  they might stop by your life to pay a visit …

Veronika Prielozna, MA, in reading sacred contracts