“To whom can God entrust His dream?”

inner voyageThe wrong person would laugh it off or ridicule the impossible dream, rejecting it out of hand in sarcastic scorn. God must be careful where He drops the seed lest it fall on hard ground-a mind infected with cynicism. Or it might fall on shallow ground, where it could sprout but later die for lack of deep soil, in want of nourishment. God must avoid the mind that would welcome with instant enthusiasm the infant dream, only to abandon it in times of stress.

God must find the right mind to which He can send this impossible idea! Someone who will receive it, respect it, reverence it, feed it, protect it, nourish it, mother it to maturity, and then reproduce it! Yes-reproduce it-for no dream is ever a dream! Many apples will grow from one seed that is planted, nurtured, and nourished. So God looks for someone who won’t ignore or abort it simply because “It’s impossible.” The Almighty looks for a Possibility Thinker. Somewhere on planet earth some simple, ordinary person who gets a bright idea “out of the blue”! God has made His move. Contact has been made between heaven and earth. The divine creative process has asserted itself once more. Creation is eternal-like success, an unending process!

The same wonderful spirit that moved in the beginning of creation, bringing life onto a dead planet, brings life into otherwise dead spirits with the spark of a high and honorable vision of fabulous possibilities!

Wisdom source: Dr. Robert Shuller