“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.”  —John Gardner.

writing a book

To share our wisdom and truth with others, we don’t need a large audience or a scholarly mind. We only need wisdom and truth alive in our consciousness along with a willingness to be of service to others in need. In nourishing a connection to your essential self, your wisdom will naturally flow from you like water flowing down a hill. True wisdom is seeing what needs to be done and then acting on your inner knowing.

You can touch the world by setting your free blog and do your soul writing and wow the world….if you feel like. Writing is one aspect of creative expression that sits in your fifth (throat) chakra in your body and is aching to speak its truth.  In the deep Ayurvedic knowledge, it called  Vishuddhi,  the center for communicating our truth to the world. It is about giving voice-words, music or sound to our inner heart, and in turn hearing what the world has to reply… At the fifth chakra, if we determine what truths we really want to represent, we can reach our inner dreams and achieve even more meaningful lives.

The fifth chakra….

is how we give voice to the uniqueness of our existence. It is through this current of energy that we are able to receive and celebrate the specialness of our role in the universe with ourselves and others.

Why is our self-expression a gift to others?

It is a gift in the same way that every voice in a choir is essential to the whole song. Communicating your life and presence to the world is a gift, but it is also spiritually significant. No one else can be who you are. No one else can fulfill your role in life. Creation requires you to come forward to be and share your true self. When you do, you encourage everyone else to shine forth in their full glory as well.

The guidance we receive….

from our sixth chakra (3th.  eye) contains within it the impetus for action—the action then proceeds toward its fulfillment.  Listening our guidance and act upon it will help us connect to this purposeful and practical energy of knowledge—true living wisdom…as I did in my recent e-book/ iBook  https://veronikaprielozna.selz.com/

Authentically expressing ourselves is an integral part of a balanced, flowing life because it is how we share our unique gifts, talents, and perspectives with the rest of the world. At times we may feel reluctant to express ourselves openly because we feel vulnerable or exposed, yet when we hold back we limit our potential. Aligned with the flow of expression we learn to access a deep and transformational way of being that goes beyond displaying our personality, style, or wit. We discover a way of being that communicates our essential truth through voice, behavior, and even through our quiet presence.

This writing on the journey of clearing and opening the throat chakra in an open, participative, grounded way and offer opportunities for reflective learning.

Veronika Prielozna, MA in her reflective writing