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During my inner work with Archetypes, I was looking at the symbolic meaning of my soul experiences, so I will be better prepared to accept the inevitable changes to my life in the year 2014. As you already know that fighting change builds up emotional scar tissue. Surrendering to divine will allows me to accept the changes, and get on with my life. Onward!

Reflection and Integration on my few Archetypes let me know them more: Child, Healer, Pioneer and Priestess.


 childhood memoryEveryone has expressions of each one of these aspects of the Child within his psyche, although one aspect is usually so dominant that it eclipses the energy of the others. The Wounded Child, for example, can be so needy that it is almost impossible for the Magical Child to manifest its qualities. At the same time, because every one of the Child aspects is present in various degrees of strength in every psyche, similar patterns often overlap, making it hard to distinguish which one you relate to most intensely. I found I related the most to Nature Child.


healing handArchetype manifests as a passion to serve others in the form of repairing the body, mind, and spirit.  It really convinced me that my nursing profession is run under this archetype. It expresses itself through channels other than those classically associated with the healing of illnesses, and so you need to look beyond the obvious definition of what you “do.” I see that I was strongly guided by this archetype in any occupation to become a Nurse. Essential characteristics include an inherent strength and the ability to assist people in transforming their pain into a healing process, as well as having the “wiring” required to channel the energy needed to generate physical or emotional changes.


PIONEERThe Pioneer is called to discover and explore new lands, whether that territory is external or internal. The passion to explore the South Pole is as much a pioneering endeavor as the passion to explore medicine or spiritual practice. Even initiating new fashions, art, music, or literature may qualify as expressions of this archetype. The core ingredient is innovation–doing and creating what has not been done before. This archetype specifically vibrates with my soul when I saw a power that led me to Canada to open a new door in a promise land. Traveling and exploring is vital energy behind my activities. My life is characterized by a need to step on fresh and undiscovered territory in many realms of my life.


Cosmic_Tarot_High_Priestess_sm The ritual that establishes the unique role of the Priest is ordination, the official capacity to facilitate the making of spiritual vows–commitments made to divine authority. Ordination or similar rituals of initiation allow the Priest, Rabbi, Shaman or Medicine Man to serve as a vehicle or spiritual channel of energy for others. Many of those devoted to spiritual life, such as Monks and Nuns, do not facilitate the ritual exchange of vows and spiritual energy. Ordination also empowers the Priest/Priestess to convey to the public the power of sacred teachings, rituals, wisdom, morality, and ethics of each spiritual tradition. Because of these profound spiritual responsibilities, the ordained are expected to represent the teachings through personal example. And, so, the shadow side of this archetype manifests through the inability to live according to those teachings, especially in lapses of personal morality. Priestess or Medicine Woman archetype was inherited in my blood stream after my grandmother who looked after community.

“What about your experience with Archetypes in your life?”

Please share your experience with me and drop me you comments, thank you.

Veronika Prielozna, MA in her inner play with Sacred Contracts