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Sitting around my soul table together….

PROSTITUTIONHave you ever wondered what your mission in life is supposed to be?

I did and I always do. Therefore, I am using this magical time of Epiphany to go even deeper with my inner soul dialogue using Carolyn Myss wisdom and knowledge about Sacred Contracts and power that come from it.

(Please read my post from Dec. 5, 2013 for intro information.)

As an intuitive instrument, the Archetypal Wheel takes us beyond rational and logical perceptions into the realm of intuition. The Wheel is a creative spiritual crucible in which we can mix images and inspiration to get extraordinary insights. Out of this process can emerge a refined, more durable vision of your life’s purpose.  As I casted the chart I got some understanding how each of your archetypes interconnects with the others. Memories of one part of my life suddenly linked as an apparent ‘coincidence’ and created my life’s movie. The time came and I was ready to cast my Archetype chart to know my soul’s twelve primary characters that rule my life. Four archetypes are given to us in order to survival: the Child, Victim, Prostitute, and Saboteur. The other eight I draw from the vast storehouse of archetypes dating back to the dawn of human history. “Sacred Contracts” showed me how to determine the identity of your eight personal archetypes from a comprehensive Gallery of Archetypes.

I casted my wheel twice: first as a ‘Chart of Origin’ and second as a “Chart of the Present”.

My finding on the ‘Chart of Origin‘ which is like  a natal astrology chart, at the time I was born, left me speechless because I was staring at my soul’s eyes reflecting back to my awareness mind. The most crucial ‘Aha’ moments I experienced when I casted my second wheel to tune to the present time to see a new set of guardians around my table reflecting my soul evolution work.

The twelve houses of the Archetypal Wheel came as follows:( Capital fond = my past; The second set of archetypes – Chart of the Present – is listed in italics fond.)

  1. Personality, Ego: the face you present to the outside world – WARRIOR/Hermit
  2. Life Values: ownership, finances, your relationship to earthly power – PROSTITIUTE/ Traveler – Explorer
  3. Self-expression, Siblings: the power of choice – PRIESTESS/ Prostitute
  4. Home: establishing your emotional foundation – SABOTEUR / Child
  5. Creativity, Good Fortune: erotic energies, including creativity, sexuality, and synchronicity/chance – PIONEER/ Artist
  6. Occupation and Health: seeking security in the physical world – HEALER/ Visionary
  7. Relationships: marriage and partnerships – SEAKER/ Storyteller
  8. Other People’s Resources: stocks, inheritance, death and closure – CHILD / Victim
  9. Spirituality: wisdom, publishing, travel – QUEEN / Saboteur
  10. Highest Potential: completing the integration of the self – FOOL/ Crone
  11. Interaction with the World: relating your creativity to humanity – VICTIM / Teacher
  12. The Unconscious – STUDENT / Leader

 A colorful mosaic of my soul was shining with powers and shadows on me telling me story of my soul. Major archetypes of my Chart of Origin……how to read and get more understating?

In following few days, I will go deeper in my self exploration to set me well for New Year ahead meeting them for ‘chamber talk’ to set me well for the year ahead.


Veronika Prielozna, M.A. in her inner dialog with her soul committee