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tango-feet-loretta-mcnairOnce I learned that 2013 was the year of Snake, I felt a panic sensation in my body. I have a snake phobia, and the vision to live with the snake archetype on my side for a whole year was not appealing to me at all! “Oh Boy, did I have opportunities to shake my phobia off?”

I know that it was the sneaky, intelligent and wise Snake archetype following me along my pathways making its presentation at its own time.  Sudden changes came from nowhere ‘like a brick in your face’ and I was hit and forced to change the rhythm of my life’s moves…and I did!

What a sneaky feeling I felt wrapped around my life!

As the Chinese horoscope said “Focus and discipline will be necessary for you to achieve what you set out to create”; as the 2013 year of the Snake meant to mark steady progress and attention to details over the year, I learned that a snake is a studious creature.  It prefers quiet predictable movement but it surprised me with a flash like attack on the go.  Unpredictable events were dropped into my life and I had no choice but to accept them as a Divine guidance.

On the planetary level, the Snake and Saturn shared a peaceful solitude over the year. Not to my surprise Saturn had such a strong influence during the year of the Snake. I felt lonely and supervised from a distance. In 2013 horoscope Saturn was in a harmonious relationship with Mercury, the planet of communications and Neptune, our connection to the cosmic whole with Chiron –the wounded healer.  A cosmic blessing, also known as Grace was rained onto me a few times. Thank God for the rain!  It was heavy even when it was good!

During the Snake year I was prepared to feel like I was on a shaky ground, and not quite settled. I had so many balls up in the air, so I prayed for Divine support to control the catch. Uranus was active in 2013 and liked to shake us out of false realities with sudden shocks.  Lightning bolt change could occur when Uranus came out to play. Out of the blue realizations created major change. Mars was just itching to go through all of this also. It made for super tense times creating movement and growth…..and I grew so much in my soul. The Snake had a sneaky energy which took me on many detours.  I kept looking for the holes in the loop but I was trapped and earned some extra traveling time on my journeys.

On a positive note, I experienced a deeper transformation and healing in 2013. Healing came from the medical aspect of the Snake and with Pluto’s assistance I exposed what was hidden through a deep revealing of subconscious material. I slowly began to see the reasons for things, I understood  the root cause of some dysfunction and just like the snake, I slowly  shed my skin, took my mask off and saw a soul glimpse of who lives in me.

As a Snake likes protection, I had the need to feel safe and secure and to utilize its special analytical skills. It was the year to make headway in slow and methodical ways. Saturn assisted this effort as well. Things were definitely accomplished as I focused forward.

2013 was the year to FOCUS WITHIN.  I didn’t feel the need to put myself out there.  I was not drawn to social situations and I couldn’t stand superficial chit- chat around me.  I held onto my Queen-wood from within allowing myself to withdraw as necessary and use the time for self reflection.

Black_Riding_BootsIn mythology, the Snake represents healing of the physical body while shifting to a more spiritual outlook.   My sliding moves helped me with the ‘sneaky’ year and a true release of past blockages was done and a slow but steady win brought me here.  With gratitude I am kicking of  my ‘snake skin shoes’ and putting on my new leather riding boots to hop on horseback ( Year of Horse 2014) to get ready for an  adventurous  ride through a new soul landscape exploring my destiny.

Veronika Prielozna, M.A. in changing  her seasonal shoes ware