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capricorn-personality-traitsThe cosmic message for the Capricorn New Moon is live from your authentic power.

Be who you truly are.  Be open to change. Upgrade your life were needed. Yes, this astrology is serious and intense. A wise strategy is to be flexible. Flow with the environment. What is breaking down in your life is ready for a breakthrough. Attitude is everything. You can be proactive and evolve. You are creating your reality though your thoughts, words and behavior. You can choose to be the victor or the victim. In other words, you can own your power. Or you can give it away. The planets are not doing anything to you. The astrology is your road map. You are in relationship with the planets. The planets are living beings like you. The planets are initiating you. It is only through initiation that you can spiritually advance. Your destiny is to be a Self-Master. That is having mastery over your ego. This is the path to the Ascension. You are to become an Ascended Master. You walk the path of initiation as the great ones have done before you. Jesus, Kaun Yin, and Krishna are examples of Ascended Masters. There are thousands more. You are creating your reality. YOU ARE ALWAYS AT CHOICE.

Capricorn is the goat climbing to the mountain top. The mountain is your mighty I Am Presence. The I Am Presence does not descend into the lower physical world where ego reigns. You are to climb higher and merge with your God Consciousness.  Pulling your Higher Consciousness into your choices will empower you to live an authentic life. You will live from love not fear. You are a great spiritual being. You are having a human experience. You are a powerful creator. What do you want to create in the New Year?

The Sun and Moon are coupled with Pluto and Mercury. Pluto is considered the most powerful planet in astrology. He is not a maybe planet. “Change or I will change you” says, Pluto. There are two roads to take with Pluto. One is divine will. The other is ego will. Pluto, used to serve your highest good, is the wisest path to take. Pluto will empower your soul and help you make healthy choices. When you do what is right for you, you are in alignment with your soul. You don’t feel the need to control or change people. This is because you know who you are and what works for you. You live from the motto, “live and let’ live.”  The dark side of Pluto is when people are fear based and must control family, friends and their world. Manipulation, hidden agendas and jealousy are the misuse of Pluto.  This may make for good television drama. However, Pluto used to empower the ego can be disastrous in your personal life. The misuse of Pluto creates dictators. We see this with the war mongers who thrive on power, domination and exploit the weak. The genocide in Sudan is an example of the abuse of Pluto.

The ongoing Uranus and Pluto life changing square continues through 2014. You can experience evolutionary breakthroughs.

You can move from breakdown to breakthrough.

Pluto and Uranus are transforming your life. Pluto is about power. How you use your power. How you own it, or how you give your power away. You can give your power away not only to others but to self-sabotaging behaviors.  Uranus is freedom, innovation and liberation. Uranus is gaining in strength now that he is direct. Uranus wants to give Pluto a run for his money. Mars is the ambassador for Uranus. These may empower you to ride the wave of chaos and confusion. This energy can be very disorienting at times. We must work to stay conscious. Going unconscious can be costly. You know when you find yourself saying. “How did this happen to me?”

The Capricorn New Moon on January 1 is a Grand Square. This powerful energy is building toward a peak in APRIL. MARS, JUPITER, URANUS AND PLUTO are the four pillars of the Grand Square.  They are fighting with each other for their say and place. This astrology may reflect long-standing issues, challenges and problems that are difficult to resolve. This requires you to garner your strength, patience and perseverance.

2014 bring it onMars square Jupiter on JANUARY 8 is action forcing growth. Growth forcing action can increase your physical strength. You can feel ready for risk taking. Mars in opposition to Uranus is about standing up for your rights. YOU WILL FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU. JUSTICE WILL BE A THEME IN 2014. Fairness in banking and business will be front and center. Jupiter in square to Uranus can inspire innovation, new technology and discoveries. These will improve the quality of life. Pluto and Uranus can be a force for great good or evil. Each individual choose how s/he will use this energy.

Mercury enters Aquarius on JANUARY 11.  A NEW DOOR OPENS THAT YOU WALK THROUGH. A new chapter begins. You see your new possibilities and potentials. Venus and the Sun couple on January 11 in Capricorn. You may evaluate your will to pursue your goals.

  • How are you using your resources?
  • What changes can you make to improve your finances?
  • What can you do to strengthen your financial foundation?

Venus is in Capricorn retrograde. Venus wants you to review what you love and value.

  • What turns you on?
  • What does your heart desire?
  • If money were not a concern for you, what would you be doing?

The ego resists change. This is the ego’s way of distracting you from getting on with the business of living. What is not built on truth is collapsing. Being powerless because you see someone, others, or society having power over you. This is illusion! The ego is playing a game of denial. Be honest with yourself.  Have you ignored the warnings and now conditions have worsened? You are a powerful creator. You can use your power to improve your life.  Have better relationships. Work with passion and feel good. Remember that, you have an important role to play or you wouldn’t be alive. You matter. You count. There is no one who can replace you. You are a valuable treasure.

Day after day like the movie Ground Hogs Day with Bill Murray. This is a true story. You keep repeating the same life lessons (natal chart) lifetime to lifetime. You are choosing. You are the master of your destiny. Real Growth Is Painful. Real Growth Requires Tenacity And Determination. Creator is using Pluto and Uranus to cut you free from the chains that bind you. Freedom can only come when you liberate your mind. Be the change you want to see in the world.  Merge with you Higher Self.  Observe the magical blessings in your life. One final note, this is the perfect time to set your intention for 2014.

Happy New Year 2014, my Moon Lovers!

Veronika Prielozna, MA as one under Moon

Wisdom source: Kelley Rosano