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SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAJust recently I returned from my winter escape where I observed one of my soul archetypes making its entry to the world that left me wondering who I am. It was her majesty Queen archetype in me that chose to come up and do her public appearance  – short, to the point and with a powerful impact on my inner and outer world.

I love a cup of cappuccino, it somehow soothes my soul and gives me my daily treat.  A few days ago I spent my winter escape in an all-inclusive beautiful resort in Los Cabos Mexico where all was plentiful. After a morning ocean swim I got my cappuccino craving and went to the beach bar and asked for my small delight.

“No cappuccino, Senorita, today!” I couldn’t believe my ears they do not have my cappuccino? It was just enough to activate’ Lady in the House’ (Queen in me). In one second, an easy-going lady turned into a powerful ruler with set regulations and requests. There was no power to hold her back, she complained to all serving staff at once. She was on a mission to get her cup of cappuccino.  My Queen’s fire doubled in its intensity hearing apologies from the waitress “might be tomorrow or later”.  She called for the manager on duty who happened to be a Resort Manager and she shot him straight on the spot. “How dare you not have cappuccino in your stock, do you know how much money we paid to be here?  Can  you call your suppliers and organize your services?  These words did not touch a small Mexican man who was holding his full plate ready for his early lunch.  Suddenly, my Queen stopped ruling, she smiled at him and leaned slowly toward him whispering a message into his ear: “Just between you and me, I am a good writer and I hope that you understand the magical  power of the Internet”.  She turned, left her stage empty-handed with her chin up and walked back to her beach chair.

Sitting under my beach umbrella I was regrouping all my inner power replaying what happened and asking myself why I reacted as I did.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my Queen but she can be overpowering and ‘shake the house ‘from its core and can produce Tsunami waves in my life.  Something different happened this time.  Interrupted by my husband’s voice, I opened my eyes and couldn’t believe it, he brought us two cappuccinos saying,  “Here you are, my Queen!” not knowing what happened at the beach bar.  My jaw dropped down when I saw that he had come from same place where I was just 10 – 15 minutes ago.  Since that moment, whenever I moved in the resort all was served to me on a red carpet and the Queen in me, ‘Cappuccino Lady’, was  embodied in the full spectrum of this archetype.

Nothing ever happens to you that is not part of your vibration!

Esther Abraham-Hicks

Just for a second let me change the hat over to see what truly happened in Los Cabos through an archetypes lens.  As you probably know, each archetype has its own lights and shadow.  My Queen’s shadow came up first when she appeared in her a rulership position in a court. The Queen represents power and authority in all women.  Her needs must be met no matter what; in my case  to fill my  taste buds  for cappuccino.  Symbolically, her court can be anything from a corporation to her home. The image of the Dark or Evil Queen has been largely represented by male authors of fairy tales and folklore as a wicked and dark force. She may also be depicted as prone to hysteria and dark powers, influences, or plots, as in the story of Snow White.

However, the scale of the  Queen Archetype tipped to the other polarity when her Majesty in me, unpredictable to all observers, changed her attitude and whispered sacred message to a man’s ear. At that moment, the Queen’s message became an activation code that hit the spot in a wounded soldier’s soul kneeling in front the Queen and the last missing piece of  the soul puzzle fell into place.  It is only the Queen who has this power of activation and healing can occur. A simple touch on a soldier’s shoulder or a kiss on a forehead that an ‘army of millions’ can be awaken: “For the Queen!”

woman in powerNow back home in Canada I am sitting enjoying my morning cup of cappuccino in time for Christmas.

I am smiling in my soul by reflecting on my travel.  I am lifting my cup up saying “FOR THE QUEEN in all of us in our self-discovery journeys”.