November is giving me opportunity to reflect on my soul journeys……”Join me on my soul travels!”

Contemplation moment after blessing in India

Contemplation moment after blessing in India

It seems as if I started my journey to India over three years ago when I registered for the Integrative Energy Healing Program in Vancouver. I was excited about the possibility of going to India to complete last portion of that internship. Ironically, for some reason, I was hesitant about making the commitment and looked for reasons not to go. In the end, it was the recollection of a past life and this recent life that showed me that it was not I who was interested in India, but India was interested in me.

In the summer of 2007 on my way to my nursing job, I passed by a tall pile of books about travel to India and its cultural and spiritual study. There was a sign on the top of the books that screamed “Free to take.” I did not want to miss my appointment so I continued on my way. An Inner voice enticed me to turn around, go into the bookstore and select two books off the top.  Those two books were the first introduction to India and its culture, but not the last. Friends learned about this new obsession, and began to shower me with more and more gifts regarding India.  This new- found culture began to consume me.

As I became more intimate with India, it was only a matter of time until it made the decision for me. After the eighth retreat into my studies, I opened Eastern Body and Western Mind book and found the answer to my hesitance on page 406 – Demon of Chakra: “Avoidance is another form of attachment, only in reverse.”  It was then I knew that the fear of what I could experience in India would change the core of me. I would no longer be able to relate to my current life style in the same way. It was a scary thought. We want to experience change, but there are no guarantees on the outcome. There was only one way I could face this fear and that was to step out of my comfort zone and go to India. I signed the commitment papers, and had the courage to face any obstacles that I might find on this journey.  I believed God would not put me in this situation, if He did not have a plan.

By Friday, February 13, 2009, I had my bags packed and was fully prepared to successfully complete my internship for every healing program.  I walked out of my home, closed my eyes, said a prayer for guidance and learning and departed to another part of the world to heal my Soul.

Matrimandir in Aroville, South India

Matrimandir in Aroville, South India

Five weeks have passed since my return from India and daily I reflect on the experiences of this incredible journey. How can one describe the sounds, views, smell and chaos of the streets in India? One moment I was scared to cross the streets in Chennai, and in another, I was completely mesmerized by the beauty of Matrimandir in Aroville. It was there in Aroville villiges that people knew about Healing Touch. With the help of villagers, I was so proud to spread the healing light. I learned how to use other perceptions to connect with the energy field, not being limited to verbal connection.  I had the opportunity to work with spiritual scholars and listened to workshops about Mother Mira and Sri Aurobindo  teaching with profound impact on our beings.

Shoping for colourful sari, Pondichery, India

Pondichery open market, we were lost in colors and we loved it!

During our days off, I wandered the streets of French area in Pondicherry. I enjoyed being at an open market, dealt with the “sweet talking Kashmiri Shop Keepers” and learned how to barter on a professional level. As a result, I ended up with many exotic possessions and felt the Healing of India taking place. I stayed one more week after our training and travelled little north to Ramana Ashram in Tiruvannamalai and Mamallupurum, a small fishing village.  It was here that I felt that all my senses were stimulated, chakras activated and I knew that the positive benefit of being student and traveler in India opened my consciousness into higher dimension.

Personal thoughts and reflections of the country:  India upholds the spirituality for the whole world. There is kindness and gentleness preserved in the hearts of the South Indian people.  I can close my eyes and see the vibrant colors women’s’ saris and smell the fabulous spices in the markets.  Most of all, I had the opportunity to meet my soul (to get in touch with my Atma) and then to listen to the messages of WHO I AM.

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